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Mittwoch, 13 Dezember 2017 14:01

The Alpine A110 Première Édition scoops ‘Trophée de l’Argus 2018’ award

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  • The Alpine A110 lands the Trophée Sportive/Passion 2018 prize

  • The award, which is the result of an internet vote, underlines the excitement the release of the new A110 has sparked

An accolade for the Alpine A110 barely after it has broken cover

With media road tests of the new A110 still ongoing in the south of France, Alpine is proud to have been named as the recipient of the Argus’ Trophée Sportive/Passion 2018 award, a category which singles out cars that talk directly to the heart. The prime criteria were passion and emotion, and almost 55 percent of voters selected the A110 Première Édition ahead of a shortlist of 11 other sport cars.

“We were thrilled and extremely proud when we learned that the Alpine A110 had won the Trophée Sportive/Passion 2018 prize despite facing competition from the products of a high number of major sports car brands. The voters’ choice reveals that they share the passion that has driven us since the beginning of this ambitious project. From the outset, our overriding guideline was to provide pleasure – pleasure to the eye and pleasure behind the wheel. This award confirms that Alpine has a real place in the sports car market, a place founded on the A110’s French-style elegance, lightweight build and agile handling.” Bernard Ollivier (Alpine Deputy General Manager).

The A110 is back

The new Alpine A110 Première Édition is an elegant, lightweight sports car that marks Alpine’s renaissance. In keeping with the brand’s DNA, it places the accent on agile performance and driving enjoyment, without compromising on everyday comfort.

Designed and made in France, this rear mid-engined, two-seat coupé stands out through the choice of aluminium for its lightweight construction and its sophisticated double-wishbone suspension. The A110 Première Édition is powered by a 1.8-litre, four-cylinder, 252-horsepower, turbocharged petrol engine which drives through the rear wheels, as is the case with all Alpines.

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