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Montag, 15 Juni 2020 16:20

Dacia launches inventive Car Ad made during Lockdown to show You can do a lot with a Little

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  • Dacia has used its principles of efficient engineering and ingenuity to develop a new TV advert
  • Thirty second advert to be aired on TV and online from Monday 15th June
  • Advert directed, produced and shot in a flat during lockdown
  • TV advert airs at an exciting time for the brand with the introduction of a bi-fuel powertrain and innovative ways to purchase a new Dacia
  • The advert coincides with the new ‘Three Months On Us’ offer where customers pay no deposit and Dacia cover the monthly payment costs for the first three months of ownership.
  • Campaign created in partnership with Publicis•Poke

Dacia, the best value car brand in the UK, has launched a new TV advert to show that when you apply Dacia’s smart engineering and ingenuity to the world of marketing, you can make a little go a long way.

With UK lockdown restrictions easing, Dacia aims to be front of mind for those thinking of buying an award-winning car on a lower budget.

Where many car brands might baulk at the idea of creating an advert without a full production crew, hired actors and budget, Dacia saw an opportunity to use the same smart thinking that it uses in its efficient engineering and alternative business model to make an advert for the times.

The 30-second advert was directed, produced and shot in a flat. It took four weeks to produce using three laptops, a drill, a record player, some bike lights and a 1:43 scale model of a Dacia Duster. Disguised as a ‘normal’ car advert, as the camera pulls back, the use of everyday objects to create the illusion are revealed.

Adam Wood, Marketing Director at Dacia UK says: 

“Dacia is able to offer high quality and robust vehicles for little cash outlay, not as a result of scrimping on quality, but through ingenious engineering and the use of proven technology. We wanted to apply the same principles to our latest TV advert and this approach was more relevant than ever due to production restrictions as a result of lockdown. As with our model line-up, it’s impressive how much you can achieve with a little.”

The advert airs at an exciting time for the brand with the introduction of a new bi-fuel powertrain and innovative ways for customers to purchase a new car. There have been several recent additions to the brands growing digital capabilities building on from Dacia’s dedicated Buy Online platform - a fully integrated start to finish car buying process which currently offers free home delivery saving customers a further £250 on any model.

To further make car buying as easy as possible, the Online Stock Reservation feature on Dacia’s website allows customers to locate available vehicles whilst ‘Select and Collect’ services are available to purchase and take delivery of new and used cars. Dacia’s Virtual Showroom is available with dedicated gurus giving guided tours of models on a one-to-one basis, allowing buyers to search for their new car from the comfort of their own home.

Dacia have recently launched a ‘Three Months On Us’ offer, where customers looking to buy a new car can get the model they want, with no deposit and the brand covering monthly payment costs for the first three months of ownership.

Meanwhile a new 1.0 litre turbo dual-fuel powertrain combining petrol and LPG capabilities was recently introduced across all Dacia models, providing lower emissions, reduced running costs and improved performance without compromising on quality.

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