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Dienstag, 17 Januar 2023 11:36

David Bouet, first Clio Ice Trophy leader in 2023

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2021 French Junior Rallycross Champion with Clio RX, David Bouet excelled on another surface with victory in the opening round of the 2023 Clio Ice Trophy season.

The WRM by Chanoine Motorsport / SRD Racing driver used his race craft to win the Final A and claim the lead in the general classification ahead of rally driver Enzo Lucotte (Pit Stop France) and another rallycross transfer, Dylan Dufas (RX Evolution). Another highlight of the evening was the first public demonstration run of Clio Rally3.

Fifteen competitors were ready for action at the Pas de la Casa Circuit in Andorra for the kick-off of edition two of the Clio Ice Trophy. For this first meeting at an altitude of 2,400 metres, the drivers encountered the first configuration proposed by the GSeries promoters. The 754-metre counter-clockwise track covered with snow opened with a long left-hand bend that narrows before a more undulating sequence leading to the closing hairpin.


David Bouet was the first to show his mettle in the first group on track, but Andorra's Alex Español (Driveland / Puzzle Motorsport) took advantage of the improved track conditions to take the lead. Lucas Darmezin (WRM by Chanoine Motorsport / SRD Racing) followed suit a few moments later, and his 56:043s lap put him at the top of the timing screen in free practice.

In qualifying, David Bouet and Alex Español again dominated their respective groups, this time to the advantage of the former. Lucas Darmezin and Dylan Dufas did better in group three, but it was not until the last competitors were in action that Enzo Lucotte set the fastest time of 55:568s. The Pit Stop France driver secured pole position in Final A and maximum intermediate points ahead of Lucas Darmezin, Dylan Dufas, David Bouet and Alex Español in a top five covered by six-tenths of a second.


Final B poleman Lucas Darmezin lost a lot of ground when he wheelspun at the start of the race, while Joaquin Rodrigo (Brunet Competition) made a perfect getaway from sixth place to claim the lead ahead of Alex Español. The latter took the top spot on the second lap before receiving a penalty for jumping the start. Joaquin Rodrigo inherited the win and was joined on the podium by Anthony Ghesquiere (WRM by Chanoine Motorsport / SRD Racing) and Bryan Dufas (RX Evolution). Alex Español was eventually fourth, ahead of  Mauro Polderman (Driveland / Puzzle Motorsport), Tom Le Jossec (RX Evolution) and Lucas Darmezin, who posted the fastest lap of the weekend thanks to his final lap of 53:685s.

The Final A also saw the poleman lose his advantage at the start as Enzo Lucotte slipped behind David Bouet and Dylan Dufas, respectively third and second on the grid. Once in the lead, David Bouet resisted the pressure of his challenger and fellow rallycross competitor to win by less than two seconds. Enzo Lucotte ended a lone third, leaving no hope to Marin Le Jossec (RX Evolution) and Jérémy Sarhy (Brunet Compétition). Meanwhile, Markel De Zabaleta (Driveland / Puzzle Motorsport) won an intense battle for sixth place with his teammate Stephan Polderman (Driveland / Puzzle Motorsport) and Alain Cusimano (WRM by Chanoine Motorsport / SRD Racing), who got caught out on the final lap.


With the Final A win, David Bouet takes the lead in the Clio Ice Trophy general classification, two points ahead of Dylan Dufas and Enzo Lucotte. Final B winner Joaquin Rodrigo is fourth in the standings, followed by Anthony Ghesquiere and Alex Español. The competitors will return to Andorra in a fortnight for round two of the calendar, on a different layout of the Pas de la Casa Circuit.

General classification - Round 1/4

  1. David Bouet 34 points
  2. Dylan Dufas 32 points
  3. Enzo Lucotte 32 points
  4. Joaquin Rodrigo 25 points
  5. Anthony Ghesquiere 24 points
  6. Alex Español 21 points
  7. Bryan Dufas 18 points
  8. Lucas Darmezin 18 points
  9. Marin Le Jossec 16 points
  10. Jérémy Sarhy 15 points
  11. Tom Le Jossec 13 points
  12. Mauro Polderman 11 points
  13. Markel De Zabaleta 8 points
  14. Stephan Polderman 5 points
  15. Alain Cusimano 3 points

All results are available here.

Source: Media Renault

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