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Boulogne-Billancourt – May 16th, 2019Groupe Renault today announced the signature of a strategic agreement with Publicis Groupe and its newsdesk Relaxnews.

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  • At the Viva Technology show in Paris from May 16 to 18, 2019, Groupe Renault is announcing an initial experiment with La Poste Group of its Renault EZ-FLEX light commercial vehicle. The aim is to forge a better understanding of future urban delivery practices.

  • The collaborative, innovative and original approach between the two companies demonstrates their commitment to sustainable and responsible mobility for urban deliveries.

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Vollautonomer und elektrischer Versuchsträger

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  • Renault EZ-POD is a small, autonomous, connected and electric robo-vehicle, designed to transport people and goods over short distances.

  • Renault EZ-POD stands out thanks to its small footprint and agility in meeting mobility needs on closed sites, (parking, hotels, shopping centres, campuses), and also in urban settings, (city centres, neighbourhoods and housing estates)

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In 2018, Groupe Renault introduced 3 concept-cars as its vision of the mobility of the future.

At VIVA Technology, Groupe Renault is making this vision a reality with new vehicles, partnerships and experiments that are generating today the mobility of tomorrow:

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A Renault apresenta o Kwid Outsider, a nova versão do SUV dos compactos. O veículo mantém as características que fizeram do Kwid um sucesso e apresenta novidades de design e conectividade.

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  • ‘Paris-Saclay Autonomous Lab’ a pour objectif d’inventer et d’expérimenter différents services pour une mobilité plus intelligente, autonome, électrique, publique et privée, en complément de l'offre de transport présente sur le territoire de Paris-Saclay.
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  • The purpose of the Paris-Saclay Autonomous Lab project is to devise and test different smart, autonomous, electric and shared public and private mobility services to supplement the existing transportation systems in the Paris-Saclay area.
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Erneuter Klassensieg bei Kleinwagen

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