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Dacia teams up with Aardman

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  • Dacia launches new promotional film produced by Oscar® winning studio Aardman
  • The spot is titled Simple is Smart
  • Aardman has previously worked with Dacia for its primetime TV sponsorship idents on Dave
  • Video available to view now

Dacia has teamed up with Oscar® winning studio Aardman for its latest video — Simple is Smart.

The spot features an animated drive through a paper pop-up city to demonstrate the simplicity of the Dacia line-up. Shot in a single camera movement through CGI, it follows a car driving around buildings and trees, up above pop-up skyscrapers, in and around a test bay, through a police car chase before finally dashing off into the sunset. The Dacia story is explained right from the rigorous testing of the model through to the on the road price, and presents the Dacia ethos in a perfect environment of simplicity, a key Dacia band value.

The spot also showcases Aardman’s signature approach of graphic styling and flowing choreography. Danny Capozzi, Director, Aardman, explains: “We wanted to create a really smooth journey with the Dacia vehicle in a subtly textured landscape with very realistic stop motion lighting that picked out paper creases and edges to make the models and props within the environment very tactile.”

Capozzi continues: “In a monotone world, you can really focus on the performance of the car and the animation instead of being distracted by the backgrounds and unnecessary items around it. We kept the props to an absolute minimum to keep things simple and clutter free, perfectly matching Dacia’s brand philosophy, and I think this made the commercial a lot stronger for it.”

No stranger to Aardman, Dacia has previously worked with the Bristol based studio for its range of primetime sponsorship idents on TV channel Dave.

Commenting on the latest work with the studio, Louise O’Sullivan, Head of Dacia UK, said: “It’s been great to once again work with Aardman on this latest film promoting our philosophy that simple is smart. It’s been wonderful to see this message come to life and the Aardman team managed to capture the essence of Dacia and sum it up in 72 seconds of clever animation.”

For more information about Dacia’s model range, current offers and full terms and conditions, please visit www.dacia.co.uk.

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