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Donnerstag, 04 November 2021 09:13

From the Alps to the metaverse: Alpine enters the virtual world of NFTs

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  • Alpine at the forefront with the release of a new concept car exclusively as NFTs: a world first for a car manufacturer.
  • Alpine GTA Concept: an exclusive design in five unique liveries.
  • Five liveries created by the designers  of Alpine Cars and Alpine F1 Team.
  • Project carried out in collaboration with nfast, the first designer and manufacturer of NFT hypercars.
  • First branded model available in REVV Racing, the NFT-based racing game by leading blockchain-gaming powerhouse Animoca Brands.

Alpine becomes the first major car manufacturer to launch itself into crypto art with the release of a new concept car exclusively as NFTs.

Alpine has created five exclusive liveries of the Alpine GTA Concept in collaboration with nfast, a start-up specialising in the design and production of hypercars in the form of NFTs.

These unique artistic creations will be available in the form of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), which are highly prized by collectors at the forefront of a new and rapidly expanding market for art and virtual items. 


A Non Fungible Token (NFT) is a special type of blockchain token representing something unique such as an image, a video or a virtual car.

The decentralised architecture of blockchain technology allows for the certification of not only the authenticity but also the ownership of the NFT. Unlike most digital content, NFTs can be genuinely owned by users, allowing them to benefit accordingly (such as by selling the NFT on third-party marketplaces).

Alpine will sell five versions of the Alpine GTA Concept as NFTs, each with a unique livery, at an auction organised with the help of nfast and Animoca Brands.

The auctions will take place on the leading platform for the sale and exchange of NFTs, OpenSea.io. Auctions start on Wednesday 3 November 2021 at 10:00 (UTC) and will finish on l Friday 5 November 2021 at 03:00 (UTC), and will be accessible at the following link: https://opensea.io/nfast_hypercars

Participation in the auctions requires possession of a crypto wallet.

Each of the five NFTs features one of the five liveries and is available in a single copy, making each of these virtual cars completely unique.


The GTA Concept is the result of the personal work of Arseny Kostromin, a talented Russian-born designer with a passion for Alpine, who has also worked for Renault.

  • Livery 1: The ultimate expression of the Alpine F1® Team A521 design. A design pushed beyond what is possible in terms of real-world performance, with a whole range of materials and surface finish applied to the livery to create a unique and extreme adaptation of Alpine F1® Team’s race livery.
  • Livery 2: Black with a big A (for Alpine) on the side. More 'futuristic' interpretation in its approach to colour treatment and material effects. The use of iridescent foils and a negative speedline impression for the A symbol against a matte black base ensures this livery catches attention from all angles and always creates something different to look at in every light. 
  • Livery 3: A version that plays it straight, with a tricolour digital glitch pattern inspired by the blurring of lines between the virtual and the real caused by the rise of esports, crypto and other emerging technologies. A creative way to combine the real and digital realms.
  • Livery 4: Amalgamation of two topographical representations. An interaction is created with the livery through a play of colours. By using a pair of 3D anaglyph glasses it will be possible to discover what is hidden within the livery. The blue lines, reveal a topographical layout and the GPS coordinates of Mont Blanc to refer to the history of the brand, combined with a second, more futuristic raster map with a red layout suggesting Alpine's avant-garde ambitions, derived from the programming of a creative coding algorithm.
  • Livery 5: The Alpine GTA Concept in the iconic Alpine blue, referencing to the heritage of the brand, as originally designed by Arseny Kostromin.

"Alpine is the first European car manufacturer in history to release a new car concept exclusively as NFTs. After our collaboration with Felipe Pantone, we wanted to go further by offering a field of artistic expression to the designers of Alpine Cars and the Alpine F1 Team, and show our appreciation for the work of independent designers who love our brand. The result is as good as their talent and the quality of the NFTs is exceptional." Cédric Journel, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Alpine


Within the framework of the NFT / Alpine GTA Concept project, Alpine has sealed a partnership with Animoca Brands, the world leader in blockchain-based gaming. Animoca Brands is the developer and publisher of REVV Motorsport, the ecosystem of blockchain-based racing games built around the REVV utility token. 

REVV Motorsport games include F1® Delta Time, the first official F1 game on blockchain, MotoGP™ Ignition, Formula E: High Voltage, and the highly popular original title REVV Racing. Thanks to the partnership with Animoca Brands, the owners of the five NFTs up for auction will be able to race with their Alpine GTA Concept cars in REVV Racing, which is the world’s first skill-based action arcade racing simulation game on blockchain. These NFTs will also be the first cars available in REVV Racing that were developed in collaboration with a car manufacturer, and will also be the first five cars available in the “Legendary” tier, one of the highest and most exclusive in the game. REVV Racing can be played at https://revvracing.com/

Source: Media Groupe Renault

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