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Montag, 13 November 2017 22:44

Neuer Dacia Duster startet ab 11.290 Euro

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  • Evans Halshaw Edinburgh West is the first UK dealer to showcase Groupe Renaults new exterior design
  • Renault Store brand identity standards to be applied to exterior
  • Improved vehicle layout with clearer exterior vehicle displays
  • UK dealer network exterior look to be upgraded over the course of next 18 months

Evans Halshaw Edinburgh West is the first Groupe Renault dealership in the UK to adopt the new Renault Store exterior design philosophy as the company unveiled its newly refurbished premises at the start of November.

Adding the new exterior branding to its showrooms is the next step for Renault after over ninety per cent of Groupe Renault dealerships have already implemented the Renault Store design concept interior look. With more innovative materials and flair shown in design, the changes to the dealership premises are designed to mirror the design transformation that the Renault and Dacia model range has been on over the last few years. The range offers more personality than ever before and emphasising this differentiating character in the retail enviroment is key to attracting both current and new customers alike.

The change is obvious, with the previous white exterior gone and a new, elegant black woven metal design in its place. The area directly outside the showroom acts as an outdoor retailing space with bespoke vehicle displays showcasing the range. Individual display areas are lit at night to show off models 24/7. Dedicated handover bays help to enhance what is already a special customer experience.

Adrian Healy, Dealer Principal, Evans Halshaw Edinburgh said: “It’s an exciting time for Evans Halshaw to be part of Renault history. With a successful model range and young product line-up it’s the perfect time to be making this investment in the dealership. Our staff and customers are excited to experience the new Renault Store concept design and we know it will help us attract customers, both old and new“.

Nick Tame, Sales Director, Groupe Renault UK added: “It’s great to see this continued investment in Renault from our franchise partners. The completion of the first dealership exterior in the new Renault Store concept signals the last phase of a series of changes Renault has undertaken over the last few years. With other changes happening inside the dealerships, in our structure and most importantly with our car design.”

The Renault Store concept interpretation varies by the size of premises. The internal changes are expected to be completed at the final remaining sites by the end of 2018 and these new external transformations within the next 18 months.

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