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Donnerstag, 01 April 2021 15:07

Dacia launches into another Galaxy with new DUSTAR SPACE VENTURE

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  • Dacia launches DUSTAR, the world’s first affordable space venture  

  • Having revolutionised the new car market on Earth, Dacia’s next mission is sending a Duster into space 

  • DUSTAR represents one small step for Dacia and new dawn of simple, fun, and exciting space travel   

DUSTAR launches today. Watch at 09:00 (GMT):

Dacia, the best-value-for-money car brand, has announced the launch of the world’s first (and only) affordable space programme. Named DUSTAR, the innovative, out-of-this world venture represents a new dawn in value-for-money space travel with its initial voyage confirmed for today. 

To celebrate the trailblazing first chapter of DUSTAR, Dacia has pulled out all the stops for a launch event you won’t want to miss. DUSTAR takes off on 1st April 2021. 

This giant leap for Dacia comes after revolutionising the new car market on Earth, offering affordable, award-winning, and reliable cars since 2013 For many years, Dacia’s ingenious engineers have consistently developed contemporary, simple, and best value vehicles. Relying on this unrivalled know-how, and Dacia’s smart design-to-cost approach in product development on our planet, the sky will not be the limit for DUSTAR, as it aims to show that with some smart thinking you really can make a little go a long way. 

Back on Earth at DUSTAR’s secret technical base.

Alan Ding, Head of DUSTAR Operations said: "We are all about delivering best-value-for-money without compromising on quality. We have achieved this on Earth, so launching a car into space is the obvious next step! Going to space is a dream for many, but we want to show that you can make a little go a long way and make it a reality. I’m over the moon that we begin by sending our rugged and robust Dacia Duster to seriously new heights today."

Back down on the ground, those not looking to travel to space can look at the stars of the Dacia model line-up, whether that’s the award-winning All-New Sandero hatchback or the Duster SUV. 

Now in its second generation, the Duster is the Dacia that does everything. A favourite with families, the Duster is as comfortable in space as it is on the road, with 4x4 versions available for those looking for out of this world adventures. 

The All-New Sandero and All-New Sandero Stepway mirror Dacia’s brand values of being simple and no-nonsense, while delivering quality at an affordable price. Both models maintain Dacia’s undisputed practicality credentials and are on sale now.

Source: Media Groupe Renault

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