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Sonntag, 02 Juni 2019 18:54

At the wheel of the All-new Renault Clio: renewed comfort and enjoyment

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The Clio has been synonymous with versatility since the very first generation of cars, proving just as easy to drive in urban as in rural conditions, and the New Clio doesn't disappoint on that front.

The New Clio offers drivers even greater comfort and agility with the addition of the new modular CMF-B platform developed by the Alliance and a new specially-designed chassis. The goal was to make the New Clio as comfortable as possible for both drivers and passengers while maintaining dynamism and stability.

Developments for more enjoyable driving

No detail was overlooked to optimise the driving experience behind the wheel of the New Clio. Starting with the steering, a gear ratio down from 15.2 to 14.4 makes steering easier to control and more responsive. It also provides more reliable feedback to the driver. Combined with increased axial stiffness at the front, the vehicle's lane position is more accurate. In addition, a reduction in the turning radius from 10.8 to 10.5 metres improves maneuverability in the city.

The overall chassis balance and rear axle guidance have been improved on the previous generation for greater stability when taking bends at high speed and a reduction in mass transfer. All of this means that the New Clio is both reactive and reliable. At the same time, optimised suspension travel means less bouncing around for passengers. Brake pedal travel has been reduced for improved vehicle response.

Optimised efficiency and comfort with the CMF-B modular platform

The new modular CMF-B platform also helps to improve efficiency in the New Clio. The streamlined underside coupled with sculpted lines create a highly aerodynamic profile that lowers the air penetration coefficient (SCx) to 0.640, the best figure in the category. Optimised front bearings and updated bearing technology at the rear and on the tyres have also made it possible to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Acoustics were also specifically targeted to reduce unpleasant noise. The entire vehicle structure has been redesigned using new materials for greater insulation and soundproofing and certain parts have been reinforced. The powertrains were specially designed for improved driving to smooth out bumpy road conditions and for less noise in the passenger compartment. The windscreen has been specially treated to reduce air and engine noise. All versions of the vehicle come with sound-insulating film on the windscreen. The New Clio's doors and windows are fitted with a double sealing system to further reduce aerodynamic noise. All these measures mean that noise levels in the passenger compartment of the New Clio have been reduced by 2dB between 0 and 130kph.


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