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Anzeige der Artikel nach Schlagwörtern: Autonomous Vehicles

  • The purpose of the Paris-Saclay Autonomous Lab project is to devise and test different smart, autonomous, electric and shared public and private mobility services to supplement the existing transportation systems in the Paris-Saclay area.
Publiziert in News 2019
  • We are on the cusp of making history. Imagine you set out on a journey to work or for leisure, strapped inside a bullet – that accelerates as fast as a sports car, but quietly –allowing you to take your mind off the road ahead.
Publiziert in News 2017
  • By connecting an autonomous car to the infrastructure (V2X), Groupe Renault and Sanef move closer towards the zero fatality objective and give time back to travellers.
  • Experiments are currently being carried out to study the pass-through of toll barriers and work zones by autonomous vehicles.
Publiziert in News 2017
  • Renault and Heudiasyc, a joint research unit formed by UTC (Université de Technologie de Campiègne) and the CNRS, have created SIVALab, a laboratory specialising in localization and perception systems for autonomous vehicles.
  • This scientific and technological partnership has been set up for an initial, extendable period of four years. It is founded on an existing association that began more than 10 years ago and will use the Renault ZOE-based autonomous vehicle platforms developed by Heudiasyc.
  • SIVALab will be inaugurated in Compiègne on March 3, 2017, in the presence of personalities from the world of politics, including Xavier Bertrand, President of the Hauts-de-France region, along with representatives from the CNRS, UTC and Renault.
Publiziert in News 2017