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  • In addition to an even more attractive design and a new front panel, New TWINGO offers two new colors and even more customization options. New TWINGO paints the town red!

  • Three engine options, a dual-clutch EDB mechanical or automatic gearbox, a record turning circle… New TWINGO easily weaves its way through the city.

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  • New Mégane R.S. 280hp manual gearbox with Sport chassis will be available from €37,600 and New Mégane R.S. 280hp EDC gearbox with Sport chassis from €39,400.

  • New Mégane R.S. is packed with high-performance technologies: 4CONTROL system, four hydraulic compression stops, a new 1.8-litre turbo engine with more torque and increased power output, and the R.S. Monitor Expert system.

  • The sports car combines sporty feel and everyday versatility.

  • It comes with two chassis – Sport or Cup – and two gearboxes – manual or dual-clutch automatic.

  • Orders for New Mégane R.S. 280hp EDC gearbox open in February 2018. Orders for New Mégane R.S. 280hp manual gearbox will open in spring 2018.

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