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1934 - Renault Nervasport des Records

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Louis Renault’s aim was to associate the Nervasport name with extreme power and aerodynamics – and the rules for construction were simple: take the standard engine from the production line and have the body supported by a wooden frame and a standard chassis. The bodywork, however, was to be something else and required input from another sector. Marcel Riffard, an engineer and designer of Caudron-Renault aeroplanes, was given the job of designing the ideal shape. The skin was made of hammered sheet metal, and the single-seater was shaped like a rocket: a long bonnet, rounded at the front, with a tapered rear to improve aerodynamic performance to the max.


The engine for the Nervasport Records may have come from the production Nervasport but it was no slouch. Driven by an eight-litre 4,825cc engine and with a three-speed gearbox providing transmission to the rear wheels, it could achieve 108hp and deliver a maximum speed of 170kph.


Riolfo called on four technicians from la Régie who were selected for their qualities as drivers – Roger Quatresous, Léo Fromentin, André Wagner and Georges Berthelon – to help turn the Renault Nervasport Records into a true record-breaker. The four practised with other technicians and managed to reduce refuelling times to 35 seconds –15 seconds less than in the days of the 40CV. The car and team were now in perfect shape for a record-breaking run.


The date for an attempt at the world 48-hour record was set as April 4-5, 1934 on the Montlhéry circuit, and the team’s target was a high one: 6,300km at an average speed of more than 132kph. Drivers changed every three hours to reduce fatigue to a minimum, and engineers battled throughout to patch a crack on the radiator, but after 48 hours, three minutes and 14 seconds of driving, tthe Nervasport crossed the finishing line having broken nine international records and three world records, including: 8,037 km in 48 hours – an average of 167.445 kph. Another Renault track legend was born.

Technical specifications

Renault Nervasport des Records

Engine 8 cylinders inline with side valves, 4,825cc, 108hp
Transmission      3-speed gearbox plus reverse, rear-wheel drive
Dimensions 5.2m (l) x 1.87m (w)L : 5,20 m
Weight 1,600kg
Max speed 170km/hr

Source: Media Groupe Renault

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