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"Légende GT" and "Color Edition 2020": new special models for the Alpine A110

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• Limited-edition A110 Légende GT is the most refined A110 yet
• A110 Color Edition is a new seasonal programme that will run annually
• Atelier Alpine is the French sports car manufacturer’s new personalisation programme
• New Alpine managing director Patrick Marinoff targets international performance

Boulogne-Billancourt, March 2020

As Alpine takes forward steps in its long-term plan, the premium sports car manufacturer announces the limited-edition A110 Légende GT. The most refined interpretation of the A110 to date is unveiled alongside A110 Color Edition 2020 and Atelier Alpine.
Limited to 400 examples worldwide, A110 Légende GT takes the existing A110 Légende as its basis. With bespoke design elements both inside and out, it heightens A110 Légende’s elegant persona. The outcome is Alpine’s most sophisticated variant yet, one that will put Alpine firmly on the radars of the most discerning sports car buyers.
A110 Color Edition 2020, meanwhile, introduces a new limited series to the Alpine model range and with it a new ongoing programme. Like seasonal collections in the world of fashion, A110 Color Edition will be updated annually. For 2020, A110 Color Edition is based upon the intense and thrilling A110S. It comes finished exclusively in Sunflower Yellow and will be offered for sale between now and the end of 2020. Once off sale, the paint finish will be retired from Alpine’s colour palette.
Atelier Alpine, finally, is the French sports car manufacturer’s personalisation programme. Along with 29 new exterior paint options that take inspiration from heritage colours from Alpine’s past, Atelier Alpine also offers various wheel finishes and brake caliper colours. Each new A110 can now be as individual as its owner.
A110 Légende GT, A110 Color Edition and Atelier Alpine are introduced under the leadership of Alpine’s new Managing Director, Patrick Marinoff. With many years of experience at premium European car manufacturers, German-born Marinoff brings with him a global perspective as Alpine works to replicate its sales success in its home market in territories around the world.
Alpine Managing Director Patrick Marinoff comments: “With this series of announcements we proudly move forward to the next chapter of Alpine’s rebirth. A110 Légende GT takes the elegance at the heart of every A110 to a whole new level; this is the Alpine for buyers who value timeless design above all else.”
“The A110 was designed and engineered from the outset to have real breadth of character, and with the intense and sporty A110S on one side and the elegant A110 Légende GT on the other, we are demonstrating exactly how much potential the car has.”
“Alpine customers are individuals; people who choose to break the mould. With A110 Color Edition and Atelier Alpine, we are exploring the A110’s individual side even further. Our customers now have the opportunity to match their car’s personality to their own.”
“Alpine is the market leader in France, which is testament to the inherent quality of the A110. Now the task is to build on that success in markets around the world. As a sign of Alpine’s more global outlook, we will intensify our marketing activities outside our domestic market, starting with a summer roadshow across Europe while also optimising our network footprint in key markets."
“The arrival of A110 Légende GT, A110 Color Edition and Atelier Alpine herald the next steps of our development. We will continue to offer special editions to our customers and expand our individualisation programme in the years to come.”
A110 Légende GT
• Limited to 400 examples worldwide
• The most elegant Alpine yet
• Custom Mercury Silver paint, pale gold elements and refined amber leather
• Costing €69,300 (France)
Limited to only 400 examples worldwide, A110 Légende GT raises the elegance of the A110 premium sports car to a new level. Bespoke styling elements inside and out form a sophisticated and harmonious aesthetic.
The variant is offered for sale in three colours – Mercury Silver, which is new to the Alpine colour palette, plus Deep Black and Abyss Blue. Pale gold Alpine monograms and 18” diamond-cut Serac wheels, also finished in pale gold, contrast subtly against all three body colours. Translucent white LED taillights mark A110 Légende GT apart from other A110s.
Signaling the transition from exterior to interior, Alpine emblems on the door sills are invitingly backlit. Within the cabin, six-way adjustable Sabelt comfort seats come finished in warm amber leather – a bespoke upholstery shade – with matching leather on the door cards. Brown stitching, a 12 o’clock marker on the steering wheel to match and glossy carbon fibre elements with a unique copper weave set off the welcoming and sophisticated interior. A plaque on the centre console, numbered in build order, is a mark of distinction.
Underlining the car’s day-to-day practicality and refined grand touring character, A110 Légende GT is offered with a custom luggage set. Finished in the same colour leather as the seats, the three-piece set maximises space in the rear storage compartment. Meanwhile, a new storage unit between the seats is the ideal place to keep personal belongings.
As well as its elegant exterior design and distinctive cabin, A110 Légende GT is characterised by its ease of use and notable comfort both in everyday driving and over longer journeys. It shares its chassis and powertrain with A110 Légende. It is based upon a lightweight aluminium structure with a mid-engined layout and double wishbone suspension.
Power from the 1.8-litre turbocharged engine is rated at 252PS. Minimal weight and a dual-clutch transmission help A110 Légende GT register 62mph from standstill in only 4.5 seconds. The maximum speed is 156mph. The car comes very highly specified as standard: an active sports exhaust, uprated Brembo brakes, parking sensors, a reversing camera and Focal stereo lend A110 Légende GT exacting driving dynamics as well as effortless everyday usability.
Alpine Design Director Antony Villain comments: “With A110 Légende GT we have stretched the sophistication and grand touring aspects of the A110 – showing that as well as being a thrilling sports car, an Alpine can equally be a refined GT as well. It is the most elegant Alpine so far, designed to appeal to buyers who value lasting quality and timeless design, be it in the watch they wear, the clothes they choose or the sports car they drive.”
“The three colour options we have made available for A110 Légende GT reinforce the car's subtle and refined character. The pale gold elements and translucent taillights clearly identify the most sophisticated car in the Alpine range. The amber leather upholstery within the cabin and carbon fibre pieces with a warm copper weave, meanwhile, deliver our most inviting interior yet. A110 Légende GT is the perfect sports car for that well-earned weekend getaway.”
A110 Color Edition 2020
• A110 Color Edition is a new programme that will run annually
• Available to order for a limited time only
• A110 Color Edition 2020 in vibrant Sunflower Yellow
• Costing €71,000 (France)
Emphasising the individuality of Alpine’s lightweight sports car, A110 Color Edition is a new programme that will run annually. Particular versions of the A110 will be offered for sale for a limited period on an annual rotation, each time in a different bespoke colour. The programme takes inspiration from the world of fashion, where collections are updated for each new season.
For 2020, A110 Color Edition takes the A110S as its basis and repurposes a famous colour from Alpine’s past – Sunflower Yellow. The model will be available to order between now and the end of the year only, after which the eye-catching paint finish will be retired from Alpine’s colour palette.
Sunflower Yellow is a reimagining of an Alpine paint colour – Jaune Tournesol – that was popular in the Sixties and Seventies. Alpine’s paint experts painstakingly reformulated the colour using modern ingredients.
With a solid, non-metallic finish, Sunflower Yellow is perfectly set off by the A110S’s contrasting black elements, such as the logos and Alpine monograms, the 18” GT Race alloy wheels and the specific inserts in the front LED headlights. The brake calipers are finished in complementary anthracite. A carbon fibre roof is optionally available to further enhance the contrast between the vivid paint colour and the darker styling elements.
The tricolour badges that feature inside and out on standard A110s are replaced on A110 Color Edition 2020 by carbon fibre and yellow emblems. Elsewhere in the cabin, grey stitching and a yellow 12 o’clock marker on the steering wheel neatly complement the body colour, which is echoed by highlights to the Alpine logo on the Sabelt fixed-back bucket seats. A plaque on the centre console denotes the limited-run model.
Like the A110S, A110 Color Edition 2020 features Dinamica upholstery throughout the cabin, lending a sporty, single-minded feel. The new model has the same high specification as the A110S, as well as the same 292PS powertrain that’s tuned for heart-racing power delivery and the particularly focused chassis setup, too. A110 Color Edition 2020 is capable of 0-62mph in just 4.4 seconds, while the top speed is 162mph.
Alpine Design Director Antony Villain comments: “The new A110 Color Edition programme gives us the opportunity to really enhance the characteristics of different versions of the A110. For 2020, we have recreated the Sunflower Yellow colour from Alpine’s past, here with a solid finish to really complement the sporty, intense persona of the A110S. For me, Sunflower Yellow and the A110S make for a perfect combination.”
“Until now we haven’t shown the A110 in many vibrant colours, but with Alpine firmly reestablished we will start to see many more bold colours, like Sunflower Yellow, beginning to come through thanks to the A110 Color Edition and Atelier Alpine programmes. Unveiling A110 Color Edition 2020 at the same time as A110 Légende GT, versions that stretch the A110 in two distinct directions, demonstrates the car’s very broad spread of abilities.”
Atelier Alpine
• Atelier Alpine a new personalisation programme
• 29 new exterior paint colours, each limited to 110 cars
• A mix of metallic and solid paint options
• Three new wheel finishes to choose from plus four new brake caliper colours
Offering 29 new body colours, three wheel finishes and four brake caliper paint shades, Atelier Alpine is the personalisation programme that ensures every new A110 can be as individual as its owner. The new bodywork paint colours take inspiration from much-loved Alpine hues from the past, reformulated by the French sports car manufacturer’s paint experts using modern ingredients and the latest application methods.
From understated greys and off-whites to very vibrant reds, oranges and blues, plus elegant metallic shades along with more purposeful solid colours, Alpine now offers an extensive palette for A110 customers to choose from. Buyers can further personalise their cars by specifying one of three new wheel finishes for the existing wheel designs (Gloss White, Gloss Black or Vibrant Gold) and by selecting one of four new paint colours for the brake calipers (Light Grey, Red, Yellow or Vibrant Gold, all in addition to the existing options). Over time, Atelier Alpine will be expanded to offer customers an even wider range of personalisation options.
The 29 new paint colours will be strictly limited to 110 cars worldwide so that each finish remains a rare sight. To ensure the highest quality standards are met, these cars will be painted by hand in a dedicated zone at the factory in Dieppe.
Alpine Managing Director Patrick Marinoff comments: “With Alpine now firmly reestablished as a highly-regarded sports car manufacturer, the time is right to offer a wider range of personalisation options to our customers. We had a responsibility to relaunch Alpine with patience and care, taking one step at a time, while drawing on the most iconic elements of the brand. Atelier Alpine marks the arrival of a new chapter.”
“In a respectful nod to our past, many of the newly-available colours are reformulated Alpine colours of old, in many cases from the very same suppliers. However, our paint specialists worked meticulously to recreate these tones using the latest ingredients and painting methods.”
“As a result of Atelier Alpine’s new personalisation options, we are sure to see plenty of unique A110s leave the production line in Dieppe. In particular, I am looking forward to seeing a real variety of Alpines heading off to customers, from very bold and striking creations to subtler, more demure cars.”
A110 SportsX
• A110 SportsX draws on Alpine’s rally heritage
• Wider bodywork and raised ride height
• A110 SportsX remains faithful to Alpine’s DNA
First shown in February at the International Automobile Festival at Invalides in Paris, A110 SportsX is a design study that takes inspiration from Alpine’s rich heritage in rallying. It proves once again that the A110 is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Alpine’s development teams.
Like the A110 Berlinette that won the world-famous Rallye Monte Carlo in 1971 and 1973, A110 SportsX features wider bodywork than the road-going A110 and a raised ride height. The result of a joint effort by Alpine’s design and engineering teams, the one-off creation explores a new facet of the A110’s sportiness with its 80mm wider body and 60mm higher ride height.
Based on the technical characteristics of an A110 Pure, the A110 SportsX remains faithful to Alpine’s DNA: lightness and agility for driving pleasure.
Alpine Managing Director Patrick Marinoff comments: “Following its great reception in Paris, we have chosen to display A110 SportsX to an even wider automotive audience. A110 SportsX demonstrates how far we can stretch the A110 concept, while the feedback we get to exercise like it and the ideas presented within help us to define the future of Alpine.”
Alpine and the A110
• Alpine relaunch initiated in 2012
• New A110 is faithful to Alpine’s core technical principles
• Alpine originally founded in 1955 by Jean Rédélé
• A celebrated history in international motorsport
The A110 Légende GT is the latest limited edition of Alpine’s lightweight sports car. The first version was the A110 Première Edition, which came to market in 2017 and was limited to 1,955 units globally. It was with the A110 that Alpine was relaunched by parent company Groupe Renault, bringing to an end a two-decade dormant period and signaling the return of one of France’s most famous sports car manufacturers.
Having sold out within five days of order books being opened, the A110 Première Edition was followed up by two further versions of the A110. Badged Pure and Légende, they are mechanically identical to the A110 Première Edition and adhere to the very same principles of lightweight engineering and compact dimensions, but with model specific interior trim, wheel designs, body paint options and standard equipment, they each offer characteristics of their own. The A110S, meanwhile, is the top-of-the-line model with an intense sports car persona.
Having been founded in 1955 by Frenchman Jean Rédélé, Alpine soon established itself as a leading manufacturer of lightweight, fun to drive sports cars. Alpine’s reputation was cemented on the world’s race tracks and rally stages, its cars winning iconic motorsport events including Rallye Monte Carlo in 1971 and again in 1973, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1978.
Relaunching Alpine
Alpine’s revival project was first initiated in 2012. Four years later, the Alpine Vision show car made its debut public appearance in Monaco. In 2017, the A110 Première Edition was unveiled at the Geneva motor show before appearing in showrooms towards the end of that year. The relaunched Alpine was conceived as a responsive, fast-moving standalone business unit under the Groupe Renault umbrella.
All versions of the A110 are built at Alpine’s factory in Dieppe, northern France. Originally constructed by Alpine-founder Rédélé in 1969, the site was modernised and upgraded for production of the new car.
The new A110
Underpinning the new A110 are the very same technical principles that were determined first by Jean Rédélé 64 years ago and that've been evident in every Alpine car since, be it a dedicated competition machine or a road-going model. Alpines draw their performance from compact dimensions, a particular focus on lightweight engineering and a high power-to-weight ratio, rather than extremely powerful engines.
A foundational Alpine principle is the elevation of driving pleasure – for drivers with any level of experience – over lap times, top speeds and acceleration figures. Importantly, Alpines must be comfortable and civilised in everyday use as well. To that end the A110 comes equipped as standard with climate control, satellite navigation, cruise control, mobile phone connectivity and a DAB radio, as well as safety systems including multiple airbags, ABS, traction control and stability control.
The new A110’s aluminium body is both very strong and exceptionally light. The lightest version of the car, the A110 Pure, weighs as little as 1098kg (with fluids). The mid-engine configuration ensures perfect weight distribution for agile and responsive handing, while all-round double wishbone suspension gives a very high degree of control and precision in bends. Ride comfort is a particular strength of the new A110.
All versions of the sports car use seven-speed paddle shift dual-clutch transmissions that deliver almost instantaneous gearshifts. The common engine is a 1.8-litre four cylinder unit with a turbocharger. In the A110 Première Edition, Pure, Légende and Légende GT this engine develops 252PS, while for the A110S and A110 Color Edition 2020 that figure is increased by 40PS to 292PS. All versions of the A110 feature the same three driving modes: Normal, Sport and Track.
Inspired by the original 1962 A110 Berlinette, the new A110’s exterior design forms a link between Alpine’s heritage and its future. Led by Frenchman Antony Villain, the design team set out to capture the spirit of Alpine in the new car while also creating a design language that would stand the test of time.
The twin front headlights, sculpted flanks, distinctive bonnet spine and wraparound rear screen are clearly borrowed from the A110 Berlinette, while the LED running lights and ‘X’-shaped LED taillights, with dynamic turn indicators, hint at the car’s modern day engineering and performance. The single, graceful line that flows from the very front of the car to the rear, meanwhile, is a signature Alpine design feature.
The car’s clean, uncluttered silhouette has been achieved by working in parallel with the engineering team. A completely flat underside and functional diffuser mean there is no need for a rear spoiler. And although the exterior dimensions are very compact - contributing to the car’s agility - the cabin still offers enough space for taller drivers to sit comfortably, even if they’re wearing a helmet.
Access to the high-quality cabin is among the best in the sports car sector thanks to the low and narrow sill, while the interior itself mirrors the A110’s lightweight construction. The floating centre console, for instance, gives a sense of lightness. Between two compartments the A110 offers 196 litres of storage space. The 96-litre compartment in the front is big enough for a pair of airline carry-on cases, while the 100-litre rear compartment can accommodate two full-face helmets plus an overnight bag.
History of Alpine
Alpine owes its existence to Jean Rédélé. A car dealer by trade and a gifted rally driver, Rédélé established his car company in 1955, choosing the name Alpine in tribute to the Critérium des Alpes rally – scene of his greatest competitive achievement to date – which was staged in the Alps mountain range in the south of France each year.
The region’s tight and twisty roads gave Rédélé not only his company’s name; they also determined the fundamental technical principles that would define every Alpine car. Rédélé recognised that it wasn’t outright power or brute force that made a car quick on a narrow rally stage, but lightweight construction, compact dimensions and agility.
When Rédélé introduced the original A110 road car in 1962, his company began to take off. By then, Alpine and Renault were close collaborators, Alpine cars being sold and serviced by Renault dealerships. Come the early Seventies, Alpine was a major force in top-flight rally competition.
All the while, Alpine’s road car sales were growing. Rédélé built a dedicated factory in Dieppe in 1969 - the same site that is producing the all-new A110 today - and in 1971 the A310 entered production. Two years later, Alpine was acquired by Groupe Renault.
Alpine achieved its most famous motorsport triumph in 1978; overall victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The factory continued to release new and innovative road cars throughout the Seventies and Eighties, including the A310 V6 and the GTA. Alpine production would eventually cease in 1995. More than 30,000 Alpine road cars had been built across 40 years, along with more than 100 single-seater and prototype racing cars.
Alpine in Motorsport
Proving the performance, agility and durability of his cars in the crucible of motorsport was of utmost importance to Jean Rédélé. Alpine has competed at the highest level of rallying and circuit racing for decades, recording a string of famous victories that belied the company’s modest size. With that same ambitious and determined spirit Alpine today competes in the FIA World Endurance Championship. The one-make Alpine Europa Cup and the A110 GT4 racer, meanwhile, demonstrate the A110’s inherent agility and performance on the race track.
It was in 1978 that Alpine recorded one of its most celebrated motorsport successes. Driving the A442B sports prototype, Didier Pironi and Jean-Pierre Jaussaud won the 24 Hours of Le Mans, lapping the eight-mile Circuit de la Sarthe 369 times.
Using those decades of success as a springboard, Alpine returned to front-line motorsport in 2013. It immediately proved to be a triumphant return to racing: the marque’s A450 prototype won the European Le Mans Series title at its first attempt, and again in 2014.
From there, Alpine graduated to the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), competing once again on the world stage. In 2016, the Alpine A460 won four of the nine rounds to secure the LMP2 WEC title for Alpine, the most hard-fought of those victories coming at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Since then, Alpine has won its class at Le Mans in both 2018 and 2019, while also winning the LMP2 WEC title in 2019. Alpine is currently contesting the 2019-20 WEC season.
Additionally, the Alpine Europa Cup is now in its third season. The series takes in some of the most iconic circuits in Europe, including Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. Operated by Alpine’s WEC partner, Signatech, the Alpine Europa Cup further demonstrates Alpine’s commitment to motorsport. The A110 GT4, meanwhile, sees Alpine return to competition in road car-based motorsport alongside the world’s most prestigious sports car manufacturers.
Alpine’s rally heritage
As well as success on the world’s racing circuits, Alpine has achieved a great deal on its rally stages, too. Alpine founder Jean Rédélé was a competitive rally driver himself, but it was Swede Ove Andersson, driving an A110 Berlinette, who gave Alpine its first major rally win with victory on the world-famous Rallye Monte Carlo in 1971.
Frenchman Jean-Claude Andruet repeated that success in 1973, the same year Alpine won the inaugural FIA World Rally Championship Manufacturers’ title. Six victories for the A110 Berlinette that season saw Alpine win the championship in commanding fashion.
Unveiled towards the end of 2019, the new A110 Rally sees the Alpine name make its return to rally competition. Developed with Alpine’s motorsport partner Signatech, the A110 Rally joins the A110 Cup and GT4 circuit racing models in Alpine’s customer motorsport portfolio. All competition versions of the A110 used the same lightweight aluminium chassis as the production version.
Along with a roll cage, Sabelt competition seats and a fire extinguisher to meet rallying’s safety requirements, the A110 Rally also features a 300PS version of the road-going car’s turbocharged engine, uprated Brembo brakes, three-way adjustable suspension and a six-speed sequential gearbox to increase performance on the special stage.
Engineered to meet the FIA’s R-GT homologation standards, the A110 Rally is due to make its competitive debut in France this Spring with customer deliveries already underway.
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