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Sonntag, 18 April 2021 13:27

Here come the Alpine A110 Trackside Cars!

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  • Feature the Alpine F1 Team livery 
  • Alpine F1 Team drivers’ cars on European Grand Prix

The Alpine A110 trackside1 cars made their debut during the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in Imola this weekend.  

The Alpine A110 trackside cars will be used by Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon as their daily commuters on European Grand Prix. 

From the bonnet, through the roof to the rear of the car, and like the A521, the Alpine A110 trackside cars feature Alpine's historic racing colours: blue, white and red, synonymous with Alpine's racing heritage and the colours of the French and British flags.  

The A110 trackside cars are based on the A110S, the most potent version of the A110. With a power output of 292PS and a weight of 1114kgs, it features an impressive power to weight ratio of 262PS/Tonne (3,8kg/PS). 

"When the A521 was presented, it was true joy to see the Alpine name on a Formula One car and it is just the same feeling today to see the Alpine F1 Team name on an A110", said Laurent Rossi, Alpine CEO.

1Cars dedicated to the daily commuters on European Grand Prix.

Source: Media Groupe Renault

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