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Samstag, 09 Dezember 2017 00:38

Renault Sport Racing celebrates its 2017 Champions

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The Renault Sport Series awards ceremony was held on Thursday, December 7 at L’Atelier Renault on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. In the presence of Renault Sport Managing Director, Cyril Abiteboul and many guests, an extraordinary year concluded with rewards distributed to the stars of 2017.

As a motor racing leader for nearly 120 years, this year, Renault is continuing the process of consolidating customer competitions at the Renault Sport Racing nerve center at Viry-Châtillon. This evening was also the occasion to review the action from the different rally and circuit racing seasons before handing out the trophies to the winners.

A strong commitment to customer competition

During the evening, Renault Sport Managing Director, Cyril Abiteboul, Director of Customer Competition, Jean-Pascal Dauce and Renault Sport Cars Project Director, Éric Magnan, as well as Michelin Motorsport Director of Customer Competition, Greig Coull and Total Competition Marketing Manager Christian-Luc Cibot all reiterated the importance for a carmaker, to connect to the product, help young talent and believe in professional and amateur motor racing, three aspects that highlight the important role customer competition plays in Renault’s strategy.

Clio R3T Trophy France: the coronation of Cédric Robert

After dominating the season, Cédric Robert andco-driver Matthieu Duval raised their cup in front of their rivals. Second in the Trophy and Junior champion, Florian Bernardi was also on hand, as was third in the championship, Kevin van Deijne. Clio R3T Trophy Iberia and Italia winners Fran Cima and Kevin Gilardoni were also rewarded for their seasons.

Coupe de France Renault Clio Cup: a trio again

The winner’s trophy was given to Marc Guillot, while his two toughest rivals Nicolas Milan and Benoît Castagné looked on. Nicolas Milan was also honoured for the team title won by his Milan Compétition team. Dorian Guldenfels and Mickael Carree won the Junior and Gentleman titles. Mike Bushell, Alex Royo, Gustavo Sandrucci and Tomas Pekar joined on stage to receive their winner’s cups in Cup UK, Spain, Italy and Central Europe.

Formula Renault Eurocup: Sacha Fenestraz crowned

For more than 45 years, the Formula Renault has discovered the hopes of tomorrow. As runner-up Will Palmer and rookie of the year Max Fewtrell watched on, Sacha Fenestraz was officially crowned in the Formula Renault Eurocup by Cyril Abiteboul and the Frenchman was officially welcomed into the Renault Sport Academy by director, Mia Sharizman. Thibaut de Mérindol lifted the cup for the team’s title won by R-ace GP, while Michael Benyahia and Charles Leong were also rewarded for their titles in Formula Renault NEC and Asia.

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