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New Master and New Trafic Groupe Renault´s Best-Selling Vans renewed

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New Master and New Trafic take Renault LCVs into a new dimension

A player in the van market for 120 years, Groupe Renault is upgrading its light commercial vehicle range with enhanced styling, connectivity and bespoke features. And to further satisfy its professional customers, the new light commercial vehicles (LCVs) boast quality levels comparable to those of passenger cars.

Since launch in 1980, Master and Trafic have established themselves as essential models in the LCV market, having sold in over four million units. To respond to new customer needs, New Master and New Trafic have gained stronger design, powertrains and equipment:

  • Imposing and meticulous design
  • New engines
  • Bespoke cabins for professionals
  • All-conquering robustness
  • Driving comfort
  • Connected onboard experience.

Revealed in April 2019 with a new “Urban Gray” body color, they will be launched in Europe starting in September 2019. Both models feature the new visual identity of the front end of Renault LCVs.

By improving the standards of its LCV and passenger-transport range, Groupe Renault is reasserting its determination to move from European leader to world leader consistent with the objectives of its strategic plan, Drive the Future (2017-2022).

This major ambition is based on quantified objectives:

  • Increase LCV sales by over 40%
  • Double market coverage from 24% to 50%
  • Remain the electric LCV leader by marketing an electric version of all of its vans (excluding pick-ups)
  • Become the world LCV leader with sales of over 2.5 million units a year, thanks to the Alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi.

New Renault Master: muscular design, power and robustness

Featuring a new front end, New Master has also been redesigned inside. The cabin scores higher on perceived quality as well as functionality and practicality, with chrome inserts, new upholstery, and a cockpit equipped with an enhanced mobile office. The new 2.3 dCi engines provide more power and torque while reducing fuel consumption. Driving is safer and more seamless thanks to new advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). New Master Z.E., Renault's fourth electric vehicle, joined the Group’s LCV line-up in 2017.

Since launch in 1980, Renault Master has ranked at the forefront of the large van market:

▪ 2.4 million units sold, 118,176 of which in 2018
▪ Sold in over 50 countries
▪ Master has set sales records every year since 2014
▪ Renault launched Master 2 in 1997 and Master 3 in 2010
▪ Master is available in 350 versions with three heights, four lengths and useful load volume of 8 to 22 m3.

Produced at the Batilly plant (France)

Master has been produced at the Renault Sovab plant in Batilly since 1980. The plant has nearly 2,700 employees and has hired 370 people in the last four years. In parallel, the site’s business activity generates nearly 5,000 indirect jobs locally. Eighty-four per cent of the plant’s suppliers are based in France. Produced at Renault’s Batilly plant in France and Curitiba plant in Brazil since 2009, Renault Master is the market leader in France, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Brazil and Morocco.

Extra style, with no compromises on functionality

Front-end metamorphosis for greater robustness
The comprehensive restyle is consistent with the shared visual identity of the other models in Renault’s LCV range. New Master gains extra robustness through a more expressive and dynamic front end:
▪ New vertical-design grille
▪ The C-Shape light signature, fit as standard, embodying the identity of the Renault range
▪ A higher hood line
▪ Reinforced bumpers and front wings.

The contrast between the vertical emphasis of the grille and the horizontal emphasis of the hood lends New Master a strong and powerful look. A handlebar-shaped chrome grille and additional chrome strips bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to the front-end design.

New Master is being launched with new opaque body paint, “Urban Gray”.

Enhanced interior design: top-quality materials and pure styling
New Master has taken on passenger-car cues. The interior gains in quality through the use of higher-quality, darker and less glossy materials. The designers have created more horizontal, simple and pure lines.

The elegant and functional interior features:
▪ A new restyled dashboard with large open or closed storage spaces
▪ Chrome inserts on the air vents, air-conditioning buttons and new steering wheel
▪ A new gear-stick handle, black with chrome surrounds
▪ New, more high-tech upholstery
▪ A dashboard equipped with a 3.5-inch TFT digital screen
▪ The navigation screen is fully integrated in the central area of the dashboard whatever the multimedia system used, be it R-LINK Evolution or Media Nav Evolution.

More power with the 2.3 dCi engine

New Master is powered by a new range of 2.3 dCi engines more adapted than ever to the needs of professionals.

▪ The engines comply with the Euro 6d-temp / Euro 6d standards (depending on vehicle volume and mass) and are equipped with Twin Turbo technology.
▪ Power and torque have been increased, to a maximum 180 hp and 400 Nm, for a dynamic and responsive drive.
▪ The engines reduce fuel consumption by up to 1 l/100 km (NEDC correlated figures).

Depending on the version, the new powerplants are available with a six-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed semi-automatic gearbox. They are fitted with the latest pollution control technologies, including a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.

Capacious cargo area designed for efficiency

The largest mobile office in its category

New Master has one of the largest storage volumes in its category, at up to 105 liters. For greater practicality, the cockpit has been redesigned with:
▪ A new “Easy Life” folding tray above the glove box, which unfolds with a simple push, providing:
- An additional work space
- A lunch space equipped with a large, central cup holder
▪ A capacious 10.5-liter “Easy Life” drawer for easier access
▪ An induction smartphone charger
▪ A docking station for tablets at the center of the dashboard
▪ High-performance connected multimedia solutions:
- R-LINK Evolution
- Media Nav Evolution (compatible with Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™, depending on the version).
To improve the driving experience, particular work went into the man-machine interfaces on the New Master dashboard.

LED lighting and ergonomic handles for easier loading and onboard work

The loading area on New Master has been optimized so that professionals can work more efficiently in all conditions:
▪ New LED lighting opposite the sliding door and at the rear in the central part of the ceiling
- five times more lighting power in the cargo area
▪ New ergonomic door handles for easy entries and exits

- One minimum at the rear, two with a sliding door, and three with two sliding doors
- Robust, easy to grip and ideally positioned for excellent rear and side access.

“All Around Safety” driving experience

Equipped with a lane departure warning system, rear park assist and a reversing camera, New Master is available with new advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to make driving easier and ensure the complete peace of mind of drivers and passengers:

▪ Front Park Assist
▪ Rear View Assist, with a screen on the upper part of the windscreen providing optimal rear visibility for medium and long distances
▪ Blind Spot Warning, alerting drivers of objects in their blind spots
▪ Side Wind Assist (standard), a vehicle stabilization system that activates at speeds of over 70 km/h and corrects sideways deviations by up to 50% in extreme conditions
▪ Automatic lights and wipers (standard)
▪ Active Emergency Braking System, active both in cities and on highways.

New Master: bespoke excellence

Available in nearly 350 versions, with three heights and four lengths, New Renault Master is perfectly adapted to the needs of all professionals.

▪ The chassis cabs, available in front- and rear-wheel-drive, are designed to withstand heavy loads.

▪ New Master comes in a broad range of versions with maximum authorized laden masses of 2.8 to 4.5 tonnes and useful volume ranging from 8 to 22 m3.

▪ New Master is available in a variety of body types, including van, seven-seater deep cab for transporting teams to construction sites, tipper, platform, high-volume, chassis and flatbed. In all, it exists in 500 possible varieties.

In 2018, 38.5% of Master vehicles were converted. The conversions can be relatively simple, such as adding a workshop to the loading area, or more technical and complex, including vans with boom lifts, vans for firefighters, and vans for transporting horses.

Master Z.E., the all-electric version

Particularly suited to last-mile deliveries in city centers, the large electric van, New Master Z.E., addresses all motorists placing a premium on environmental issues. It has a real-life range of 120 km (*), adapted to daily last-mile deliveries or other professional uses in urban environments.

33 kWh battery

▪ New Master Z.E. is equipped with the new-generation lithium-ion Z.E. 33 battery with 33 kWh and optimized electronic management.
▪ A complete charge takes six hours using a 32A / 7.4 kW WallBox.

57 kW motor

▪ New Master Z.E. is powered by the R75 electric motor with high energy efficiency and power of 57 kW (equivalent to 76 hp).
▪ Tried and tested on ZOE and Kangoo Z.E., the motor makes New Master Z.E. ideal for use in and around the city.
▪ The motor is manufactured at Renault’s Cléon plant in France, the group's flagship facility for high value-added engines and gearboxes.

Six versions to meet the diverse needs of professionals

▪ New Master Z.E. is available in six versions with a choice of three lengths and two heights.
▪ The four van versions have a useful volume of 8 to 13 m3.
▪ The two platform cab versions available in lengths L2 and L3 are ideal bases for conversions into high-volume bodies for transporting loads of up to 22 m3.

(*) Range is always greater than 80 km in the most severe use cases (heavy loads, driving in the city center with frequent stops, winter conditions).

New Renault Trafic: the benchmark urban van

Renault has restyled New Trafic, with a more expressive grille and full LED headlights, and made it even more versatile. The EDC automatic transmission offers comfort and seamless operation both in everyday maneuvers and out on the open road. A true work tool, New Trafic is fully in step with its times in terms of its agility, connectivity and revised ergonomics. Powered by new 2.0 dCi engines, it responds to all professional situations and to certain personal uses. Renault Trafic is also available in Combi, Bus and SpaceClass passenger-transport versions.

Launched in 1980, Renault Trafic ranks in the top-three mid-sized vans in Europe:

▪ Over 2 million Trafic models sold, 97,422 of which in 2018
▪ Sold in nearly 50 countries
▪ Renault launched Trafic 2 in 2000 and Trafic 3 in 2014
▪ Trafic is available in 275 versions with two lengths and two heights and useful load volume of 3.2 to 8.6 m3
▪ The Trafic line-up ranges from the van to the high-end SpaceClass shuttle.

Produced exclusively at the Sandouville plant (France)

Renault’s Sandouville plant has produced Trafic since 2014. In 2019, Sandouville celebrated its 55th birthday and the production of eight million vehicles, including the 500,000th Trafic in March 2019. The Sandouville plant has 2,800 employees, 675 of them newly recruited.
To support its activity, Groupe Renault recently invested €300 million in the plant. Sandouville was recently attributed with the future production of the new Mitsubishi Motors van built on the Renault Trafic platform.

Urban style: elegant and sophisticated styling

Exterior upgrades for a more expressive design

New Trafic possesses the same visual identity as the other models in the Renault LCV range.
The new, more expressive front-end features:

▪ New full LED headlights, more high-tech, dynamic and efficient
▪ The C-Shape LED light signature embodying the identity of the Renault range
▪ A more assertive grille, with a showcased logo and new grille enhanced by chrome inserts
▪ A new body color, “Urban Gray”.

A comfortable cabin for harmonious travel

Each and every cabin detail has been redesigned to improve the experience of drivers and passengers, from the upholsteries and leather gear stick to the harmoniously designed dashboard.
The impression of being behind the wheel of a passenger car is accentuated by the vehicle’s comfort and driving position:

▪ A modernized dashboard, including satin chrome touches on the air vents, the central console surround, the air-conditioning controls, the gear stick and the dials
▪ A “Carbon Gray” design scheme, extending to the door panels
▪ A new gear-stick handle
▪ New, more high-tech upholstery (from the very first trim level), more durable and with a higher-quality feel.

2.0 dCi engine and automatic gearbox: new, highly-awaited engines and transmissions

New, latest-generation engines

New Trafic is powered by a new range of 2.0 dCi engines more adapted than ever to the needs of professionals.

▪ The engines now comply with Euro 6d-temp standards.
▪ Equipped with a variable-geometry turbocharger, they offer extra power and torque, up to 170 hp and 380 Nm.
▪ The new powerplants reduce fuel consumption by up to 0.6 l/100 km (NEDC correlated figures) for the 145 hp version.
▪ They continue to boast the latest pollution control technologies, including a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.

EDC automatic gearbox

In a further upgrade, the two highest-power engines are now available with the EDC6 dual-clutch automatic gearbox, for smoother and faster shifting.
This top-quality equipment is supplied by the world leader in automotive transmission systems, Getrag.

Leading-edge equipment for easier motoring

New, connected mobile office

New Renault Trafic can be transformed into a true mobile and connected office, now including:

▪ Onboard connectivity with high-performance multimedia solutions:
- R-LINK Evolution
- Media Nav Evolution with a multi-touch screen (compatible with Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™).
▪ A new R&Go single DIN radio, and a new microphone for better call quality.

New Renault Trafic continues to offer:

▪ One of the best storage capacities on the market, at 90 liters, including a 54-liter bin under the passenger bench
▪ A folding passenger seat, providing space for a computer
▪ A storage space and a writing tablet with a clipboard
▪ Smartphone and tablet holders.

An optimal loading area with a working length of up to 4.15 m
The rectangular design of the loading area optimizes useful volume, which ranges from 3.2 to 8.6 m3.

New Renault Trafic now offers:

▪ Stronger LED lighting in the loading area (500 lumens) for more comfortable working conditions
▪ A new three-button folding key or a Renault hands-free card, with the Single Door Opening (SDO) option for simplified access
▪ A reinforced Extra Security lock
▪ New polypropylene loading-area trim for easier cleaning
▪ A complete range of customized trims for a more robust and longer-lasting loading area.

New Trafic is a highly versatile vehicle that makes life easier for customers by continuing to offer:

▪ The best length in the market, with a loading hatch offering a working length of up to 4.15 m
▪ A host of solutions that make loading easier and safer, including a 255° rear-door opening angle, up to 18 lashing rings, and a left-door latch for driving with the right door open at 90°.

Useful driving technologies

Comfort, user-friendliness and safety are enhanced by New Trafic’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), including:

▪ The Wide View Mirror, more than doubling the angle of rear right-side visibility
▪ Front and Rear Park Assist with a reversing camera
▪ The Trailer Swing Assist system for keeping trailers stable.

Full LED headlights make driving at night safer. They increase lighting by 50% in full-beam position and 34% in dipped-beam position compared with halogen headlights, and also have an extended life span.

Extensively modular and customizable

Available in 275 versions, New Renault Trafic is modular and customizable thanks to a broad range of options, accessories, and numerous conversion possibilities.

▪ Van: 2 lengths, 2 heights, useful volume of 3.2 to 8.6 m3, a wide choice of paneling, glass, partition and door choices, as well as deep cab versions.
▪ Platform cab: high volume, refrigerated, tipper, etc.
▪ Passenger transport: up to nine seats, while maintaining maximum trunk volume of 1.8 m3.

SpaceClass, the mobile lounge

With Renault SpaceClass, passenger-transport specialists and private motorists alike will be able to meet the expectations of the most demanding passengers. The lounge-inspired interior gives occupants the impression of being at home, including for family trips and adventures.
New SpaceClass boasts enhanced styling, greater comfort and more practical solutions for an improved in-car experience.

Refined exterior styling with:

▪ New full LED headlights with the C-Shape light signature
▪ Exclusive “Comet Gray” metallic body paint
▪ Diamond-cut wheel rims
▪ “Gloss Black” styling components (grille support panel, door mirrors, external protection components and door handles).

A premium interior environment with:

▪ Leather upholstery
▪ A modernized dashboard with a full-grain leather steering wheel and chrome insert
▪ Jersey-fabric ceiling trim and floor carpeting.

More comfort with:

▪ A new EDC automatic gearbox
▪ Easier back-row access with the “Easy Entry” function
▪ A reversing camera combined with front and rear parking sensors.

Details that make a difference:

▪ 6 individual LED reading lamps
▪ 220 volt (300 watt) socket
▪ 2 USB ports in the passenger area
▪ Up to four mesh pockets and two map pockets.

And, as always, optimal versatility with:

▪ Up to 50 configurations from two to nine seats
▪ Maximum flexibility for adjusting equipment on rails (bench seats, seats and table)
▪ Up to six face-to-face seats (each with its own built-in seat belt), with the best knee room in the segment
▪ Sliding, swiveling and removable individual seats ▪ A sliding and folding tray table.

Renault Pro+: the expert brand for professionals

Renault Pro+ is Groupe Renault’s expert brand. In addition to bespoke solutions adapted to all professional needs, it offers:

▪ A specialized network (sales and after-sales) of 661 Renault Pro+ centers in 39 countries (a quarter of all Renault points of sale), dedicated to professional customers and meeting the very highest standards.
▪ A network of over 400 approved coachbuilders in 30 countries, for converting vehicles according to the specific needs of professionals.
▪ An engineering center dedicated to LCVs, based in Villiers-Saint-Frédéric in France.
▪ Production sites on three continents: Europe (three sites in France), Latin America (Argentina and Brazil) and Africa (Morocco).

As the European leader in vans and electric light commercial vehicles, Groupe Renault has developed a connected services offering, Renault EASY CONNECT, to make life easier for customers, from locating charging stations to controlling their vehicle remotely (My Z.E. Connect, Z.E. Trip, Z.E. Pass, My Z.E. Inter@ctive, My Z.E. Connect Pro).

Renault EASY CONNECT for Fleet is an ecosystem of connected services designed specifically for professional customers, helping them to manage their vehicle fleets and reduce their costs.

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