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Samstag, 23 Mai 2020 09:30

Renault offers 'SELECT AND COLLECT' Service for Car Buyers

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  • Renault customers will be able to take advantage of ‘Select and Collect’ service to purchase and take delivery of new and used vehicles
  • Dealer network is prepared with strict measures in place to ensure the safety of customers and workers, with employees to ensure the highest of standards and processes
  • Customers can still make use of online services, including the new Virtual Showroom and Online Stock Reservation tool
  • Remote eSign portal allows buyers to sign finance documents without visiting the retailer

In line with government guidelines, Renault is taking its first steps to restarting its dealership operations. It will begin by offering ‘Select and Collect’ services from dealerships to all new and used car buyers ahead of the full reopening of the dealer network.

Renault customers can utilise the wide range of existing digital sales tools to research and reserve their new vehicle via the Virtual Showroom and Online Stock Reservation tool. They will then be informed by phone or email when their vehicle is available for collection at their chosen retailer.

Once the customer has been told that their vehicle is ready, they can then safely visit the retailer to collect it without the need to physically enter the premises, while the Remote eSign Portal takes care of completing finance documents from home. Clear signage will instruct buyers of where to go once they reach the retailer, while any interactions when collecting a vehicle will adhere to the guidance from the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) and Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) as well as latest government guidelines on social distancing.

All customer cars will be prepared to a high cleaning standard, with attention paid to disinfecting door handles, using covers for seats, steering wheels, gear levers and floor mats, while Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be worn by anyone working on the vehicle. Keys will be wiped clean and placed in a neutral zone for the customer to collect.

The ‘Select and Collect’ service arrives ahead of the full reopening of retailers which, once approved and safe to do so, Renault is fully prepared for with comprehensive safety measures across the full retailer experience for both employees and customers.

Safe and responsible reopening of dealerships
When lockdown measures continue to ease as a result of COVID-19, retailers will reopen for business with extra care taken to protect customers and employees by implementing a set of regulations to maintain a healthy and safe environment and reassure visiting customers.

Appointments and visits to the showroom will be staggered where possible, and a limit on the number of visitors in the showroom at one time will be in place, while social distancing will be maintained inside and outside.

Renault dealerships will adapt sites to suit, with clear and informative signage to inform and reassure both workers and visitors. Reminders to adhere to social distancing measures will be clear on arrival, while, there will also be clear reminders to sanitise workstations and vehicles to the highest standards.

A series of videos have been produced to inform and reassure customers of the measures in place. These will be available online and on various social channels.

Virtual Showroom
For customers still unsure about visiting a showroom, there is a range of online services in place to assist with buying a new Renault.

The new Virtual Showrooms* on Renault.co.uk provide potential buyers with an in-depth look at a new car – from the All-New Clio and All-New Captur to the electric New ZOE.

This features a detailed virtual walkaround of all cars by a Renault Guru, as would be available in a physical showroom. Buyers can learn all about their potential new purchase from the comfort of their sofa.

From here, more information can be sent directly to the customer and they can choose between ‘Select and Collect’ service or Home Delivery.

An Online Stock Reservation tool is also available, giving buyers a simple process to choose their ideal car and get in touch with a retailer to complete the purchase.

Remote eSign portal
Further aiding the online buying process, Renault finance customers can take advantage of the new Remote eSign portal where documents can be signed digitally from home without needing to visit the retailer.

Adam Wood, Marketing Director at Renault UK said: “We are delighted to be able to offer ‘Select and Collect’ services to our customers who may be keen to take delivery of their new vehicle. Customers can also take advantage of our suite of digital tools available and reserve the latest Renault models, including the recently launch All-New Captur and New ZOE online. We have put stringent measures in place within our dealers to ensure the safest possible environment for our customer and staff for not only outdoor handovers but for the full re-opening of our showrooms when the Government lifts lockdown restrictions. We look forward to welcoming customers back.”

*All Renault gurus working in the Virtual Showroom will be adhering to current Government advice regarding social distancing to ensure a safe and sterile working environment, while all cars will be thoroughly cleaned with dedicated valeting kits in between uses. The Virtual Showroom facility will also be a sterile environment with appropriate sanitation provisions.

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