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Mittwoch, 24 März 2021 13:53

The All-New Renault Kangoo Van: The Innovative Van Vehicle with an Athletic and Dynamic Style

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This innovative van with an athletic and dynamic style, is aimed mainly at corporate fleets, tradesmen, and business owners with high demands looking for a tailor-made vehicle that boasts the latest technology and innovation to suit their business needs. The All-New Kangoo Van is available in two lengths. Manufactured at the Renault plant in Maubeuge, France, the All-New Kangoo Van will be on sale in Europe and worldwide as of June 2021.

"The All-New Kangoo Van incorporates a major innovation: Open Sesame by Renault is a one-of-its kind offer that gives the van the largest lateral opening on the market. The new model carries over some of its best features and offers an unparalleled breadth of body types and engines. The design is robust on the outside and worthy of a private car on the inside: this is a van that’s moving up in the world. The All-New Kangoo Van is Renault’s way of reaching out to customers looking for practical innovation, the latest in driver-assistance systems, comfort, and soon enough a full-electric engine." Jean-Louis Wiedemann, Commercial Director Small Vans, Groupe Renault

The All-New Kangoo Van: 5 features to remember! 

  • Easy to load! 
    Open Sesame by Renault: by removing the central pillar, the All-New Kangoo Van has the widest right-hand side access on the market at 1,446mm. 
    Easy Inside Rack: a high-mounted rack for easy transportation of long objects. 

  • With a loading capacity that can reach 3.9 m³, even the entry-level model is best in its class. 

  • A new athletic exterior design with strong shoulder curves. 

  • A modern interior with 60 litres of usable and readily accessible storage compartments and available with either two or three front seats. 

  • Twelve new driver-assistance systems give peace of mind while driving: active emergency braking, increased blind spot visibility, permanent rear view camera, etc. 

2021 - New Renault Kangoo Van - On location shoots

2021 - New Renault Kangoo Van - Studio shoots

2021 - New Renault Kangoo Van - Technical drawings

2021 - New Renault Kangoo Van - Manufacturing

Source: Media Groupe Renault

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