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Renault ALASKAN: A stunning pick-up for Europe

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Initially unveiled in Colombia in 2016 and already a success in Latin America’s long-standing pick-up market, Renault ALASKAN goes on sale in Europe starting in September 2017.

This stunning one-tonne pick-up includes:

  • A muscular design with dynamic front-end styling and athletic lines,
  • A robust build combined with outstanding travelling comfort thanks notably to five-link rear suspension and a strong ladder-frame chassis,
  • Remarkably ingenious and powerful, thanks to its Renault 2.3-litre dCi engine, the most fuel-efficient engine in ALASKAN’s segment, and exceptional off-road ability,
  • Availability of a particularly wide range of tailored services, conversions and accessories to cover the full spectrum of customers’ needs.

“Following ALASKAN’s release in Latin America, its availability in Europe is further evidence of Renault’s global ambitions. ALASKAN is a robust, powerful pick-up that has been designed to meet the needs of demanding business customers and private buyers alike.”
Ashwani Gupta – Global Head of Renault-Nissan LCV Business

“Renault is entering Europe’s particularly buoyant one-tonne pick-up segment which registered growth of 25% in 2016 and 19% in the first half of 2017. As a major player in the LCV market and with a network of almost 9,000 sales outlets across Europe, Renault continues to extend its range with ALASKAN.” Jean-Christophe Kugler – Chairman of Europe Region

ALASKAN, a muscular design

ALASKAN’s striking design means Renault’s latest model truly stands out in the pick-up world. ALASKAN fully embraces the visual identity of the Renault brand thanks to its dynamic front end, distinctive lighting signature and athletic stance that suggests power and strength.

Dynamic front-end styling

  • Renault’s new visual signature is characterised by a large chrome-finished grille. The lower beading, also finished in chrome, underlines the grille’s dynamic design and runs between the two headlights to create a natural visual connection between the grille and the bumper.
  • The muscular lines of the bonnet emphasise ALASKAN’s rugged appeal.
  • The prominent Renault logo stands out against a glossy black background.

A Full-LED lighting signature for a distinctive look

  • ALASKAN’s C-shaped lighting signature extends beyond the headlights to give the vehicle with an even more assertive and distinctive appearance.
  • Full-LED ‘Pure Vision’ headlamps (depending on the version) reinforce the brand’s visual identity and fulfil the dual function of dipped and main beam headlights.
  • Beyond the lighting signature’s striking design, the bright light produced by ALASKAN’s Full-LED technology – similar to that of sunlight – ensures the vehicle’s head lights are 20% more powerful than traditional halogen bulbs, giving drivers significantly improved visibility.

Chiselled, athletic lines

  • ALASKAN’s chiselled lines and impressive dimensions make it a status-enhancing vehicle that effortlessly exudes both power and strength.
  • Its athletic profile includes prominent wheel arches that house 16- or 18-inch diamond-cut alloy wheel rims.
  • The side panels are accentuated by numerous chrome touches, from the window trims to the door handles.

ALASKAN goes on sale in Europe in September 2017, with its Double-Cab, 4x4 version. The range will then be progressively expanded in accordance with the needs of its different markets. ALASKAN is manufactured at Nissan’s Barcelona plant.

ALASKAN is a muscular pick-up that responds well to the demands of both business customers and ordinary motorists.

Professional contractors, traders and landowners, for example, often need a robust and versatile vehicle that is capable of carrying heavy loads, yet can also comfortably accommodate colleagues or family members.
There are many different ways of configuring ALASKAN to suit the needs of business customers who work in the construction, freight or medical sectors.

Some retail customers want a spacious vehicle with cabin comforts worthy of a conventional passenger car with a generous rear load space and a high towing capacity for leisure use, all combined with exceptional off-road capability to tackle any kind of adventure.

ALASKAN, robust and comfortable

With its cutting-edge five-link rear suspension and particularly robust chassis, ALASKAN is strong enough to handle any situation, delivering exceptional travelling comfort that is complemented by a generous, practical and versatile cargo bed, as well as a spacious and comfortable cabin.

Five-link rear suspension for exceptional travelling comfort

  • Thanks to its five-link rear suspension, ALASKAN is one of the few pick-ups in the large SUV segment to benefit from a widely employed architecture that guarantees outstanding travelling comfort.
  • This pioneering new five-link rear suspension ensures an excellent ride and handling, along with premium comfort for all passengers, without compromising the vehicle’s off-road capabilities or rugged qualities.
  • It is a technology that generates an enhanced driving experience compared to the more conventional leaf spring configuration that is to be found on the vast majority of pick-ups.
  • The major benefit is better filtration of road noise and vibrations, and consequently greater comfort for all occupants.

A strong, ladder-frame chassis

  • ALASKAN’s ladder-frame chassis – a product of the Renault-Nissan Alliance – guarantees the robustness that customers expect of a vehicle of this type, whether for business, off-road or leisure use.
  • This structure, coupled with the chassis’s super-high-tensile-strength steel, delivers increased torsional stiffness and improved structural rigidity.
  • ALASKAN’s chassis plays a major part in the vehicle’s outstanding off-road ability.

This highly resistant chassis – working in tandem with the five-link rear suspension – allows for a payload of more than one tonne and an exceptional 3.5-tonne towing capacity, which is one of ALASKAN’s key selling points.

A generous, practical and versatile cargo bed

  • The bed’s generous dimensions produce a large loading area of 2.46 square metres.
  • ALASKAN’s bed offers a unique loading capacity in its segment thanks to its clever C-Channel tie-down system which ensures all cargo is completely safe and secure. This fastening system is composed of fixed rails on three sides of the bed and four sliding hooks to attach and tie down all types of loads quickly and practically.
  • The bed’s tailgate platform can withstand up to 500 kg, facilitating loading and unloading.
  • At just 81 cm from the ground, the bed is particularly easy to access.
  • A range of accessories also helps to protect, safeguard and organise the loading process (see Chapter 4).

A spacious and comfortable cabin for all occupants

  • ALASKAN offers plenty of interior space with a cabin that is comfortable for the driver and passengers.
    o In the front, its NASA-inspired zero gravity seats ensure better body pressure distribution across the seat’s surface to reduce fatigue on long journeys.
    These front seats are heated, while the driver’s seat benefits from eight-way electric adjustment (depending on the version).
    o Rear space is similarly generous, with 679 mm of knee room.
    o Certain versions of ALASKAN boast elegant leather upholstery.
  • ALASKAN is equipped with automatic dual-zone climate control that guarantees optimum thermal comfort for all occupants, with the notable inclusion of independent air conditioning for front and rear passengers.
  • ALASKAN also offers plenty of easy-to-access storage compartments around its cabin, including a centre console and storage bins in the doors and underneath the rear seats.

ALASKAN, powerful and ingenious

ALASKAN is a powerful vehicle that incorporates ingenious design features to cater to its owners’ every need, even in the most extreme conditions. The potent Renault 2.3 dCi engine has remarkable torque, yet sets the class standard in terms of low emissions and fuel efficiency. ALASKAN also benefits from exceptional off-road ability, perfectly suited to every kind of adventure. Ingenious, ALASKAN features smart, intuitive technology – such as 360-degree visibility.

The most fuel-efficient pick-up thanks to its Renault 2.3-litre dCi engine

  • With an NEDC combined-cycle fuel consumption of 6.3 litres/100 km and a CO2 emissions rating of 167 g/km, ALASKAN is the cleanest and most efficient vehicle in its sector.
  • ALASKAN features Renault’s four-cylinder 2.3-litre dCi diesel engine, available as either a single (160 hp) or twin (190 hp) turbo and already highly popular in the Renault Master range.
    o The engine’s twin-turbo technology combines a small turbo to provide strong torque at low revs and a larger turbo to provide more power at higher revs.
  • Available with either a six-speed manual gearbox or seven-speed automatic transmission, ALASKAN is rated best in its class in terms of acceleration and efficiency.
  • This engine’s remarkable performance can be attributed to the following features:
    o Reduced valve train friction thanks to amorphous carbon coating of the pistons.
    o Improved fuel consumption and cooler running temperatures with an electronic control system that governs the oil pump operation by adapting the pressure and volume according to the
    current conditions (engine temperature, speed and load).
    o Superior engine efficiency thanks to better control of vibrations.
    o Improved fuel consumption thanks to a swirl valve that optimises air circulation at low engine speeds.

Exceptional off-road capability

  • ALASKAN is designed to be a match for all types of terrain and is perfect for exploring even the most treacherous trails.
  • ALASKAN offers a choice of three different driving modes.
    o Two-wheel drive (2WD):
  • In this configuration, for normal driving conditions, power is transmitted the rear wheels only.
  • This mode suits everyday usage on normal roads and provides higher levels of road holding and energy efficiency.
    o High-ratio four-wheel drive (4H)
  • This mode delivers traction via all four wheels and is ideal for slippery conditions.
  • It can be activated at speeds of up to 60 kph using the ‘Shift on the Fly’ button and is suitable for gentle off-road use, in case of partial loss of traction (such as on wet roads or gravel). High-ratio four-wheel drive transmission functions up to 100 kph.
    o Low-ratio four-wheel drive (4LO)
  • This mode also covers all four wheels, but uses a supplementary torque transfer box to enhance traction – and thus grip – on extreme terrain.
  • It can be switched on at standstill and is perfect for intense off-road duty when there is a total loss of grip, such as on sand, snow, thick mud, etc.
  • These functions are complemented by a number of driver and vehicle-control aids that reinforce ALASKAN’s truly adventurous spirit.
    o An electronic limited-slip differential (eLSD) ensures an even safer driving experience. The rotational speed of each individual wheel is monitored via the braking sensors and, as soon as the system detects that a wheel on one axle is turning more quickly than the other, the brakes are briefly applied to increase traction, enhance stability and give the driver a greater sense of security.
    o The self-locking rear differential is mechanically operated (and manually engaged) and optimises grip on sandy or slippery surfaces. When engaged, the two rear wheels receive equal power and turn at the same speed, thus enhancing traction in difficult conditions.
    o Hill Start Assist is an automatic brake-management system that ensures the vehicle doesn’t start to roll backwards, making it easier to pull away on slopes.
    o Hill Descent Control optimises vehicle stability and occupant safety by monitoring speeds when descending hills and gently applying the brakes without the driver having to touch the pedal.
  • ALASKAN is also equipped with the following:
    o Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
    o Electronic stability program (ESP)
    o Electronic braking distribution (EBD)
    o Emergency brake assist (EBA)
    o Traction control system (TCS)
    o Active emergency braking (AEB, available soon)
    At speeds of more than 30 kph, the system uses the front radar to measure the distance from the vehicle ahead. Visual and audible alerts will warn the driver if they are too close and encourage them to brake. If the driver does not push the pedal firmly enough, the active emergency braking system engages immediately.
    o Seven standard airbags (driver and front passenger front airbags, two lateral airbags, two curtain airbags and a driver’s knee airbag).

Smart, intuitive technology

  • ALASKAN is equipped with a five-inch TFT 3D colour display located in the centre of the dash. It incorporates a range of important features and information for the driver, such as:
    o Fuel economy,
    o Navigational instructions.
    o Driver-aid settings menu.
    o Compass.
    o USB device controls, etc.
  • ALASKAN comes with a comprehensive multimedia system with seven-inch colour touchscreen that includes:
    o Audio functions, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, CD player, etc.
    o Simple, efficient satellite-navigation with live traffic information.
    o Images from the 360-degree camera.
  • Ingeniously, ALASKAN has one particularly advanced feature for a pick-up: a 360-degree camera
    o This provides all-round visibility via four cameras (fitted to the front bumper, both door mirrors and the tailgate).
    o The views captured from the front, side and rear cameras are all available on the central display to provide the driver with a better idea of the vehicle’s precise position.
    o The system works at speeds of up to 10 kph and facilitates the avoidance of obstacles whether the vehicle is being used in cities, on open roads or while exploring difficult terrain.
    o A rear parking sensor is also available. Equipped with an audible alarm, it warns drivers about hazards behind the vehicle using a reversing camera that also transmits directional guidelines on the seven-inch navigational screen.
  • A practical vehicle, ALASKAN is fitted with an ignition button and a keyless entry system.
    o The doors lock and unlock without the cardholder having to remove the key from their pocket.
    o A Start/Stop button enables the engine to be started or stopped.

ALASKAN, tailor-made solutions

In order to meet the wide and varied demands and requirements of both business customers and private buyers, ALASKAN offers a range of carefully tailored solutions including an extensive range of services, conversions and accessories.

Impeccable service at almost 9,000 sales outlets

ALASKAN is available from the mainstream Renault and specialist Renault Pro+ networks which both offer fully customisable contracts and services.

  • ALASKAN benefits from the wealth of expertise to be found across Renault’s vast European network.
    o With 8,715 Renault outlets in Europe, 90 percent of the continent’s population is less than half an hour away from one of the brand’s dealerships.
    o The entire network is committed to Renault’s C@RE 2.0 programme which was launched in 2015. With customer satisfaction at its very heart, this initiative ensures that all clients experience a level of service that is straightforward, stress-free and completely personalised thanks to a range of specially-adapted procedures, tools and processes.
  • The Renault Pro+ specialist network meets the specific expectations of ALASKAN’s business customers. Its key advantages are:
    o Light commercial vehicle sales and after-sales experts,
    o Ease of use: appointment-free test drives, quotes within 48 hours, even for converted vehicles,
    o Flexibility to keep owners on the move: extended workshop opening hours, service appointments within 48 hours without prior booking, diagnosis within an hour, provision of courtesy vehicles, etc.
  • Bespoke contracts and configurations are available for ALASKAN.
    o A two-year manufacturer warranty with unlimited mileage in France, or a three-year or 100,000 km warranty elsewhere in Europe.
    o Extended warranty and maintenance contracts, plus insurance plans.

Tailor-made conversions

  • Renault and its broad network of approved coachbuilders offer ALASKAN customers a wide range of conversions to satisfy their requirement for efficient solutions adapted to their everyday work.
  • Thanks to the experience gained over the course of many years and Renault’s expertise in the domain of tailor-made solutions, the brand is capable of covering all lines of business, from police and fire service vehicles, for example, to road maintenance tippers and recovery vehicles, ambulances etc.
  • A range of conversions for leisure use is similarly available to meet the needs of private customers, including in particular campervan bodies.

An extensive range of accessories

  • ALASKAN’s extensive range of tailored accessories offers solutions designed to simplify the lives of customers, whether the vehicle is being used for work or play.
  • A Leisure & Style range, including:
    o Styling bars: ALASKAN’s chrome styling bars at the front and rear, on the sides and on the bed accentuate the vehicle’s rugged appeal, while simultaneously protecting it from the minor knocks and scrapes associated with everyday use.
    o A tow bar to hitch up a trailer, boat, caravan, etc.
    o Roof bars, roof box, bicycle rack, etc.
  • A range designed to protect and organise the bed, including:
    o A hardtop with lockable tailgate, to increase carrying capacity and protect the cargo from poor weather and theft. Not only that, but its two-tone finish adds an unquestionable splash of style.
    o Sliding aluminium bed covers or plastic roll covers protect the cargo from the sun, poor weather and prying eyes. The sliding aluminium cover is lockable and can be fitted with a chrome sport bar.
    o A plastic bed protector to shield the loading area right up to the edge of the bed, thanks to its durable and non-slip coating.
    o A bed divider, ideal for arranging and organising the loading area.
    o A storage compartment, providing additional, lockable, storage space.
    o Tailgate assist to cater to the tailgate’s weight and ensure safe, effortless opening and closing.
    o A sliding tray to facilitate loading and unloading.

Renault’s successful entry into the Latin American pick-up market

- At the end of 2015, Renault launched Duster Oroch in Latin America – a successful model that rewrote the rule book in the half-tonne pick-up category. Based on an SUV platform, Duster Oroch is a double-cab pick-up with four doors, five seats and generous dimensions.
Nearly 30,000 Duster Orochs were sold in Latin America last year. Almost 15,000 more were sold over the first six months of 2017, representing an increase of 35 percent compared to the same period in 2016 – the strongest growth amongst the Renault Group’s LCV range.
- ALASKAN was first marketed in Latin America at the end of 2016 and has registered almost 600 sales in Colombia to date. This year, the model is being progressively introduced in other Latin American countries.
- With the launch of its two new models – Duster Oroch and ALASKAN – Renault has given itself the means to succeed in the global pick-up market, a segment that accounts for more than a third of light commercial vehicle registrations worldwide, equivalent to five million sales per year.

Expert brand Renault Pro+ welcomes ALASKAN into its fold

ALASKAN will benefit from the wealth of expertise enjoyed by the specialised Renault Pro+ network which was set up at the end of 2015 to assist business customers around the world by providing the products and services that are most appropriate to their needs. Renault Pro+ aims to make its customers’ lives easier and, with this in mind, is continuing to expand its range of tailor-made solutions so as to perfectly meet the requirements of each and every one of its business customers.

  • A wide range of light commercial vehicles, from small to large vans
    - Kangoo (65 different versions).
    - Trafic (270 versions).
    - Master (350 versions).
  • Market leader in the electric commercial vehicle sector in Europe (with a market share of 34.6% at the end of 2016 and 29.1% after the first half of 2017) thanks to a range of electric LCVs that is unique in the world, including Twizy Cargo, new ZOE Société, new Kangoo Z.E. and Master Z.E. (due to be introduced at the end of 2017).
  • A specialised sales and after-sales network with 650 Renault Pro+ centres at the end of 2016, spread across 41 countries and all dedicated to servicing business customers according to the very highest standards.
  • A network of 400 approved coachbuilders in 29 different countries to convert Renault vehicles in accordance with customers’ specific requirements.
  • An engineering centre for light commercial vehicles in Villiers-Saint-Frédéric, France.
  • Manufacturing plants on three different continents: Europe (three facilities in France), Latin America (Argentina and Brazil) and Africa (Morocco).
  • LCVs sold in more than 110 countries, with key markets including Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Morocco, Turkey, Australia and Romania.
  • A new global sales record in 2016, with 434,000 LCVs sold (up 12.1 percent compared with 2015). There were almost 225,000 sales during the first half of 2017, representing a 4.5 percent increase over the same period in 2016.
  • A partnership with Renault Sport Formula One Team: Renault Pro+ supplies the team with all of the vehicles it requires for its logistical operations.

ALASKAN’s different faces

ALASKAN Concept: a one-tonne show truck that was revealed at the Paris Motor Show in France in September 2015.

ALASKAN: a one-tonne pick-up with global ambitions unveiled in Medellin, Colombia, in June 2016.

ALASKAN Ambulance:

ALASKAN Fire Fighter:

ALASKAN Road Safety Patrol:

ALASKAN Aerial Bucket:

ALASKAN: revealed at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2017: a version extensively equipped with accessories and dedicated to winter sport leisure activities.

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