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Freitag, 21 Juni 2019 01:35

Triber, Groupe Renault´s brand-new, spacious and ultra-modular vehicle

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June 19th 2019, Delhi, India - Renault revealed Triber, a world-first vehicle designed and produced for the Indian market and an entirely new ultra-modular, modern and value-for-money model. Triber is a compact vehicle (less than 4 metres long) offering unbeatable flexibility. It can carry one to seven people and features the largest boot capacity of its category in five-seater configuration.

India is a key market for Groupe Renault. We are still young to India, yet our ambitions are high in line with our “Drive the Future” strategic plan: we aim at doubling our sales by 2022. For that reason, we are bringing Renault Triber, another breakthrough concept, targeted for Indian’s core market. Renault Triber was conceived, developed and produced in India, for Indian customers first, before we take it to the world. It is a real game-changer. Thierry Bolloré, CEO of Groupe Renault

With this innovative concept, Groupe Renault expands its local range already made up of Kwid, Duster and Captur. With no direct competitors, Triber is a real game-changer in comparison with other standard B-segment vehicles. Renault’s response to the key expectations of Indian customers is a modern, spacious yet compact, ultra-modular and fuel-efficient vehicle that the whole family can travel in. Attractively designed, sturdy, compact, roomy and modular, Triber is a versatile product which also achieves the feat of accommodating one to seven adults in comfort in less-than 4 metres of length.

Our goal with Triber was to design a car that would transform according to the many needs and the many lives of our customers. Whether they are parents, lovers, a friends’ group, a family pack, whatever their tribe, whatever their lifestyle, Renault Triber should adapt. Triber is true to the Indian values of conviviality and sharing, which are the same in Renault. It offers an attractive, robust and compact design and is re-inventing space for all. We are very proud of our latest breakthrough, which turned a length challenge into a miracle within 4 meters! 
Laurens van den Acker, Executive Vice-President, Corporate Design, Groupe Renault

Groupe Renault has international ambitions and aims at growing worldwide (over 40% of sales growth , with a target of more than 5 million vehicles by 2022). Triber, , will contribute to this global strategy. The medium-term goal in India, is to double the sales volume to 200,000 units annually over the next three years. Triber will be made at the Chennai site and sold at a competitive price in the Indian market in the second half of 2019.

A unique vehicle for a strategic market

“More than half of Indian automotive households consists of five persons or more in their family. Also, more than half of these households have at least four adults. In a first for the industry, a carmaker is offering an innovative solution tailored to their needs. More than just a car, Renault Triber is a major breakthrough.” Harikrishnan Chandran – Product Planning Manager for Renault India

With no direct competitors, Triber is a real game-changer in comparison with other standard B-segment vehicles. Renault’s response to the key expectations of Indian customers is a modern, spacious yet compact, ultra-modular and fuel-efficient vehicle that the whole family can travel in.

o Renault Triber is based on an innovative solution to meet the specific expectations of the Indian market.
o Triber is a compact vehicle (less than 4 metres long) offering unbeatable flexibility. It can carry one to seven people and features the largest boot capacity of its category in five-seater configuration.
o Triber boasts a modern, vibrant and eminently sturdy design. Its spacious, versatile and attractive interior boasts many modern and practical features.
o Triber will be sold in India at a competitive price compared to the standard five-seater models on the market.
▪ Renault Triber aims to accelerate Groupe Renault’s global expansion.
o As part of its Drive the Future strategic plan, Groupe Renault aims to increase sales by over 40%, with a target of more than 5 million vehicles by 2022.
o India is one of the key markets for Groupe Renault’s development in order to reach this target and double the group’s sales outside Europe. The medium-term goal, especially in India, is to double the sales volume to 200,000 units annually over the next three years.

An expressive and attractive style
The outcome of a joint project between Renault teams in India and France, Triber’s exterior design is unique, modern and attractive, combining dynamism and sturdiness in its less-than-four-metre length while offering best level roominess.

A vibrant look
Triber’s vibrant look is reflected in its sleek and taut lines as well as in its inclined windscreen and rear window and slight roof drop. The body-fold which joins the door handles and extends onto the sculpted wing shoulders also accentuates its features.

A sophisticated front-end
Triber boasts a contemporary and sophisticated front-end that includes signature Renault design features such as LED daytime running lights, circled in chrome in a C shape, and black headlamp masks. The Renault logo is highlighted on a triple edge chrome front grille which extends to the elliptic headlamps.These headlamps ensure perfect visibility and gives Triber an assertive look.

Visible robustness
The new front-bumper expresses sturdiness and modernity and suggests a greater capacity to cope with the most difficult roads. Ground clearance of 182 mm reinforces the impression of robustness, as do other features such as the sculpted bonnet, front and rear skid plates, roof bars, and black plastic wheel arch protections and lower protective door panels, giving the vehicle an adventurous look and making it suitable for all types of roads.

An assertive rear-end
The two-part eagle beak shaped tail lamps extend onto the outside of the wings and taper to point to the centre of the tailgate, making the vehicle seem wider. The skid plate extending up the bumper emphasises its sturdiness.

Passenger compartment: conviviality, sharing and modernity
Triber’s modern interior design presents leading-edge technologies for everyday comfort and ease of use. The passenger compartment layout promotes conviviality and sharing to offer passengers a truly pleasurable on-board experience.

Elegant and high-quality Ambience
The passenger compartment’s interior brings warmth and personality with two-tone colours, from deep black for the upper part of the dashboard to a beige and white tone for the lower part and door trims. Generally used for high-end models, this combination creates an elegant and high-quality atmosphere.

Attention to details
Particular care has been given to details such as the chrome trim on air vents, air-conditioning dials, and the start/stop button. The feel of the silver accents on the dashboard and the door handles as well as the door armrests covered with pleasant-to-the-touch fabric confirm these visual impressions.

Best-in-class storage
To ensure passenger comfort, a refrigerated central storage area and cup holders are accessible to everyone between the first and second seats. In addition to the lower glove compartment, which is also refrigerated, there is an upper glove compartment with a capacity of more than 4 litres. Triber features best level storage compartment with up to 31 litres storage space, more than double that of usually available on similar-size hatchbacks.

A connected multimedia system
Triber’s 20.3-cm (8-inch) multimedia touch screen features the Media Nav Evolution connected multimedia system. With its smartphone replication feature, it is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and their numerous driving and entertainment apps. The system also allows videos to be played through USB plugs.

Digital instrument cluster
With horizontal lines that make it look wider, the dashboard features a multimedia touch screen for greater comfort but keeps manual air-conditioning dials. The full digital LED instrument cluster (a first in this segment) with a 8.9-cm (3.5-inch) LCD screen framed by three virtual gauges for tachometer, fuel level and engine temperature.

Easier manoeuvring
Triber features rear parking sensors and reverse camera providing drivers with improved visibility and precision for safe rear manoeuvring and parking.

Hands-free smart access card
With the convenient hands-free card, doors can be opened and closed and the engine started without a key. The sensors in the card mean that the doors can be locked and unlocked without having to take the card out of a pocket or bag or pressing a button, and the engine can be started without having to insert the card. The hands-free system includes an auto-lock function when drivers walk away from the vehicle. A real time-saver and a great convenience!

Unique space and modularity
Triber can comfortably accommodate one to seven people with best level modularity and unique luggage-space flexibility in under 4 meters.

Best-in-class-roominess in the segment
Triber offers best-in-class roominess and provides comfort to all passengers regardless of where they sit in the passenger compartment. It provides the best-in-class front seat couple distance (710 mm), the best second-row leg room (up to 200 mm) and the best third-row leg-room (91 mm). All rows are equally comfortable, with charging sockets and air-conditioning for all passengers.

Designed for seven adults
The two independent third-row seats provide best-in-class roof height (834 mm). They can comfortably accommodate even tall adults and include armrests fitted in the body panels and a 12V charging plug.

Maximum versatility
Triber offers sliding, reclinable, foldable and tiltable second-row seats. With the large door opening angles (74° on rear doors), it provides the best level ingress and egress of its segment. The Easy Fix system allows for easy handling and removal of third-row independent seats. Triber offers a total of more than 100 different seat-configurations.

A best-in-class storage compartment
Triber offers the best storage compartment (up to 31 litres) and best-in-class boot capacity (625 litres) in five-seater configuration. Boot capacity remains 320 litres in six-seater configuration and 84 litres in seven-seater configuration. Triber also comes with functional roof rails with load carrying capacity of 50 kg.

Efficient air-conditioning at each row
Triber’s rear- and front-seat passengers are equally pampered. The second row is fitted with air outlets at centre pillar level. Everyone is able to adjust the air flow as they wish. The third row is also fitted with specific air vents located on the ceiling.

A carefully chosen engine and a unique platform
Triber comes with the Energy engine, suited to the Indian market, which balances performance with fuel economy. The vehicle is designed on a unique and latest-generation modular platform created by the Alliance.

An engine that addresses the real needs of Indian users
Triber is fitted with a 1.0-litre Energy 3-cylinder petrol engine generating 72ps with 96Nm torque. It can be paired with five-speed manual transmission or automated transmission. It is a global powertrain already used on Groupe Renault’s B-Segment cars in Europe and South America like Clio and Sandero. Equipped with modern technology like a dual VVT system, the engine delivers optimum response at all revs. The torque available from low revs ensure a response to optimum acceleration, ideal for driving conditions in India.

The engine offers a right balance between performance and economy with a good fuel efficiency and low maintenance cost.

A platform providing modularity, roominess, comfort and unique driving pleasure

The modular platform of Triber is new that will address Renault’s B-Segment ambition in India.

The platform offers advantages which give Triber a crucial edge on its market:

• maximum space inside the passenger compartment,
• optimised engine compartment,
• best-in-class roominess and unbeatable flexibility,
• comfort and driving pleasure.

Safety at the best level
Triber complies with all the safety requirements for Indian market and even goes beyond to protect both passengers and pedestrians. Its platform provides it with robustness and a high level of passive safety. Active safety is ensured by 3-point belts in all rows, with those in rows 1 and side seats in row 2 equipped with a retractor. The driver's belt is also equipped with a pretensioner. Triber is fitted with 4 airbags: driver, passenger and front side.

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