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Dienstag, 19 Mai 2020 14:07

ZITY deploys Electric Car-Sharing Service in Paris

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  • 500 Renault ZOE available for rental, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the centre of Paris and Clichy.
  • A free downloadable mobile application to reserve, access and return a vehicle easily.
  • Competitive and flexible pricing, with no subscription or time constraints, to meet the different needs of city dwellers.
  • Application of the health recommendations established by the Ministry of Transport.

Boulogne-Billancourt, May 19th, 2020 – Groupe Renault continues the operational deployment of the ZITY free-floating service in Paris. From May 20th, a fleet of 500 100% electric Renault ZOE cars is available to Parisians on a self-service basis. The launch of this service, announced in March and suspended due to containment measures, is being carried out in accordance with the recommendations defined in the national sanitary protocol for exiting containment defined by the Ministry of Transport.

"In the context of the current health crisis and major environmental challenges, we are all the more convinced of the value of offering Parisians a complementary mobility solution under strict health conditions: electric, on a self-service basis, but also accessible and more sustainable to contribute to the fight against air pollution and global warming," says Gilles Normand, SVP, Electric Vehicles & Mobility Services, Groupe Renault.

Flexible rates adapted to different needs:

  • A service accessible 24/7 in Paris and Clichy;
  • A free subscription validated under 24/48h, without any obligation to subscribe, nor minimum or maximum fixed duration;
  • An introductory rate of €0.29 / minute;
  • Time packages, with fixed rates, for extended use:
    • 24h : €35
    • 48h : €55
    • 72h : €65 
  • Savings packs": a time credit for regular use *:
    • Pack €30 allowing to benefit from 35€ of credit on the application;
    • Pack €50 or €60 of credit;
    • Pack €80 or €100 of credit
    • Credits purchased are also valid in Madrid (where the service is also reactivated as of May 20th) and in time in other cities where the ZITY offer could be extended.
  • Stand-by fare at a preferential cost of €0.13/minute allows user to keep the rental while making a stop in or outside the ZITY zone.
  • Depending on his or her route, the user is automatically offered the most advantageous rate, both per minute and per package.
  • This electric car-sharing service operates free of charge in Paris on authorised road spaces.

The advantages of the Zity service:

Thanks to the ZITY mobile application, users can view on a map, at any time of the day or night, the vehicle closest to their position. Reservation is instantaneous and the vehicle is unlocked via the application. To end the rental, the vehicle must be parked in Paris, on any public square above ground and locked.

  • The cars offer 5 real seats and are equipped with reverse camera, proximity sensors, GPS, touch screen and cruise control.
  • Child seats are present in more than 150 vehicles and those equipped with them can be viewed immediately via the mobile application at no extra cost.
  • A guaranteed battery level displayed thanks to the on-board technology in the Renault ZOE ZITY allows all the information on the dashboard, including the battery level, to be displayed in real time. Below the minimum required level, the vehicle is no longer available for hire and is quickly recharged by the ZITY teams.
  • The availability and intelligent positioning of vehicles: the high level of autonomy of the ZOE batteries allows less frequent recharging and therefore a greater number of vehicles available on the streets. ZITY's high-performance IT platform enables intelligent and rapid repositioning of vehicles after maintenance to guarantee users will find vehicles easily and at a short distance.

The health protocol:

In accordance with the national health protocol defined by the Ministry of Transport, Zity teams are equipped with protective masks and must respect social distancing when picking up and dropping off vehicles, as well as during journeys.

During recharging and maintenance operations for each vehicle they systematically proceed to  disinfectant (antiviral and antimicrobial solutions) the parts in contact with the users' hands.

It is also recommended that users of the service wear a mask, wash their hands before and after each journey with soap or hydroalcoholic gel and follow the recommendations and "barrier" gestures indicated by the government and the World Health Organization (WHO) to protect other clients and operational teams.

This protocol for cleaning and disinfecting vehicles was tested during containment as part of the vehicle loan scheme set up with AP-HP caregivers and Red Cross volunteers in Paris (see press release/+link).

In agreement with these organizations, the loan scheme is gradually being discontinued and replaced by a 25% discount offer on the AP-HP's Hoptisoins platform.

*Pack prices valid until 31/12/20

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