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Samstag, 14 Oktober 2017 00:36

The 18 millionth car to roll off Flins production line is a ZOE

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  • Renault’s Flins in France plant has produced 18 million cars since it was opened in 1952.

  • The 18 millionth car – a Renault ZOE – was delivered to German company Green City.

Flins, France, October 13, 2017 – Groupe Renault today celebrated the 18 millionth car to roll out of its Flins plant in France. The car was a white ZOE Intens manufactured for Green City, a German company based in Munich and Starnberg which specialises in e-mobility services (www.greencity.shop). Eric Feunteun, Director, Electric Vehicle Programme, and Jean-Luc Mabire, Director of the Flins plant, handed over the keys to the ZOE to Oliver Weiss, Director of Green City. This was the seventeenth ZOE to be added to Green City’s fleet.

Flins – a showcase for cross-manufacturing

Founded in 1952, Flins is Renault’s oldest body assembly plant in France. The factory has produced 19 different models since it first opened, from the Juvaquatre to the Nissan Micra. It has turned out many iconic Renault cars over the years, including the 4CV, the Renault 4, the Renault 5, the first-generation Twingo, the Clio line and now the full-electric ZOE.

Today’s milestone underscores how the plant has successfully addressed a range of manufacturing challenges over the past 65 years. A showcase for successful cross-manufacturing within Groupe Renault, it started producing the ZOE electric car in 2012, while the Nissan Micra has since been added to the same single-piece flow line.

Renault ZOE – hugely popular in Europe

ZOE – Europe’s best-selling electric car for the third year in a row – boasts the longest NEDC driving range of any mass-market electric car at 400 kilometres (300 kilometres under real-world driving conditions in cities/built-up areas). Customers were immediately drawn to ZOE’s styling, driving range and ease of use in everyday motoring in 2012. When the new ZOE was released in late 2016, the car delivered double the original’s driving range to reinforce its lead in Europe. Sales have soared by more than 50 percent in 2017 compared with the year-earlier period.

  • 18 million cars produced since the plant first opened (19 different models)
  • 160,544 cars produced in 2016 (134,502 Clios / 25,477 ZOEs / 565 Micras)
  • 65 years of expertise and konw-how (opened in 1952)
  • 2,378 employees
  • 237 hectares (including 67 hectares covered)
  • More than 110 million in capital expenditure over the past three years
  • ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 9001 (quality) certification
  • 5 million parts handled per year by the on-site spare parts centre
  • 51.4% of stamped parts shipped to external clients (Renault and Nissan plants)
  • Production of Nissan Micran Gen 5 (the only production facility in the world), the fourth-generation Clio and the full-electric ZOE (the only production facility in the world)
  • 905 vehicle per day in three shifts 
  • Production of body shells for Clio Renault Sport which is assembled at the Alpine plant in Dieppe, France
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