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Dienstag, 27 Juni 2017 18:04

Renault promotes the future of mobility at the European Parliament

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  • Renault will participate to the event ‘Driving Europe Forward: The Future of Mobility’ organised by the European Parliament.
  • A Formula E single-seater racing car will be displayed on the European Parliament esplanade from midday until 5pm local time tomorrow (Wednesday, June 28).

Brussels, Belgium, June 27 – ‘Driving Europe Forward’ event seeks to involve Europe’s political decision makers and citizens in the debate about the future of automotive mobility, with an emphasis on electric and autonomous vehicles. Innovation and research is already a reality in both sectors and MEPs have started to explore the necessary modifications to legislation to support this transition. Citizens, too, have a key role to play.

As an electric vehicle pioneer and the sector’s number one manufacturer in Europe, present on everyday roads and in the world of electric motor racing, Renault is naturally keen to encourage the public’s involvement in this dialogue. The showcase of the all-electric Formula E single-seater racing car is a way for Renault to illustrate how the industry is adapting to new forms of mobility.

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